About Me

Hello and thank you for stopping by my little blog.

My name is Janine and with the help of my friend Charity, the Giveaway Lady, I am finally getting this blog up and running. I have wanted to do this for almost a year now after realizing how much authors love getting reviews from their readers. I started writing short and not go great reviews less than two years ago, and over time I have hopefully improved. Now I would like to spread the word even more about all the wonderful Authors I have read over the years.

I don't just want to spread the word about the wonderful Authors, but about the wonderful Christian and Inspirational books that are indeed out there. When I moved to the Bible Belt I had no clue about all the Christian fiction books that are out there, so I am hoping that this blog will help spread the word so that no one is without knowing about Christian or Inspirational fiction books. There are Christian suspense books, Christian science fiction books, and of course plenty of Christian romance books, a little something for nearly everyone.

I only try to read either Christian or Inspirational books though sometimes I read other books so long as they are clean for frankly I don't care for some scenes in the more popular books. I didn't even realize that there was a Christian/Inspirational genre until I moved to the Bible Belt in 2008, and I discovered it later year when I was given a book by my Mom. From that moment on I was hooked on Christian/Inspirational books, and so now that is primarily what I read.

I love romance and stick to that a great deal, though I have come across some non-romance books that have touched my heart in a special way. With romance being the primarily reading preference, I do enjoy Regency Romance, Historical Romance, Amish Romance, and Contemporary Romance. I am not overly fond of suspense though I have read a couple of light suspense books that I did enjoy. Stories involving our Military, granted it is the guy always getting the girl in the end, also touch a very special spot in my heart.

If anyone has a book that they would like for me to review, please feel free to email here and let me know.