Saturday, January 31, 2015

“Roping the Wrangler” by Lacy Williams

About the Book
roping the wrangler
Teacher Seeks a Husband

Schoolmarm Sarah Hansen longs for a family of her own. But horse trainer Oscar White is the last man she'd consider. Still, she can't help noticing the care he shows three motherless girls and the gentle way he helps Sarah overcome her fear of horses.

Too bossy by half--that's the Sarah that Oscar remembers from their teenage years. Yet as a former orphan, he finds the little Caldwell sisters--and their pretty teacher--getting under his skin. Could the tender heart Sarah's always hidden tame a once-reckless wrangler?

This book was released in August 2013
This is a well loved library book that was used for the review

My Review

"Roping the Wrangler" by Lacy Williams is a wonderful book that comes from another Ms. Williams book called "The Homesteader's Sweetheart" which was the start of her 'Wyoming Legacy'. I have admit I fell in love with the White family there and thrilled we will get to see the children's stories now. This is the second time I have read the book, and though this is part of a series it is a perfect stand for everything that is needed to know from the previous book is in this book.

This is about the eldest White brother, Oscar, who has a very special gift which is what brought him to Lost Hollow. He never expected to find Miss Sarah Hansen to be there or that he would still have fun teasing her as he did as teenagers. But things change as three little girls who remind him too much of the past, get too far under his skin.

Sarah Hansen is the school teacher in Lost Hollow who cares for each and every student in her care, regardless what others think. She has a soft heart coated in a case of steel. She thought she knew what she wanted for her life, but things change, so she has to choose between what she wants and her plans.

Both Sarah and Oscar have a past and a past that interconnects from childhood, and it is interesting to watch these two people who knew each other before interact with each other now. I have always enjoyed when childhood/teenage acquaintances get to know each other as adults for there is always a discovery which surprises one or both of them, whether it is a good or bad surprise. This was the enjoyable aspect of the story for things came out about both of them as they learned more about themselves and each other.

As for the antagonist of the story, about all I can say is WOW sure didn't see the ending for that character, that is for sure. I knew that the antagonist was a real jerk but also didn't think that they were that completely heartless, nor did I see the reason behind it coming. Oh yes this was a great twist to the story that really had made me sit back and catch my breath for a moment. It makes everything make sense though, but made me sad. It made me sad because of the scene that big reveal, and though I would love to explain everything, I won't because it will ruin things.

One of the things that I found to be a big theme for this story is the fact that we need to always be open and honest with each other. How much hurt and disappointment could have been avoided if only there was honest communication with those we care about. There are things of course that prevent that open communication but this is a good example how we need to get beyond that and take that risk.

I loved seeing how the White family was doing as well in this book along with an update of all the new additions to the family. I look forward to Maxwell's story next.

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Friday, January 30, 2015

“The Homesteader’s Sweetheart” by Lacy Williams

About the Book
the homesteaders sweetheartTo escape a dreaded arranged marriage, Penny Castlerock will face anything--even life on her grandfather's farm. But it isn't the rustic lifestyle that's got the Philadelphia socialite tied in knots. It's the handsome homesteader and his eight adopted children next door....

With seven boys and a girl to raise, transplanted farmer Jonas White could sure use some help. He just didn't expect it to come from the high-spirited, copper-haired beauty he's always admired from afar. But surely working the land is no life for a woman like Penny. Yet a threat to Jonas's farm just might show him how perfect Penny is for him after all.

This book was released in May 2012
This is a well loved library book that was used for the review

My Review

“The Homesteader's Sweetheart” by Lacy Williams is the first book in her 'Wyoming Legacy' and a book that I have enjoyed greatly even this second time around. I am re-reading the first three books of the 'Wyoming Legacy' series due to the fact that some how, some way I missed the latest two books (“The Wrangler's Inconvenient Wife” an “A Cowboy for Christmas”) in the series. So since I would be reviewing those books, I thought I would just go ahead and review the whole series. Truly this is a series that is something that is enjoyable and pleasant to read at night when things have been busy, for this is a series that is sweet and tender with just enough emotional heartache to touch this reader's heart.

Here is a story of hurt and trying to figure things out while getting people to hear them. The hurt was heartbreaking for I have never understood, regardless the time period or age, of how anyone could do things like what has happened in this story to the White family. The White family is a family that I just fell for, after all that this family has gone through, the way they got over it all was just inspiring. Things are tough for the White family but it seems that didn't matter to them for they had each other. 

Penny is a woman who is a bit different than who she is expected to be, and that makes her a true hero for she is trying to be what others want her to be yet is trying to be true to herself, at least once she figures that out. Oh yeah, she has some things to figure out, but that doesn't stop her from trying new things, until she figures out exactly what she is wanting. There is this strength in Penny that is shown time and time again throughout the story and it is amazing to see this strength from someone like Penny. 

Jonas is a man who has done something that most people wouldn't think about doing on his own, but he has his reasons. It is truly amazing how things for him have worked out over the years as he worked hard to get to the point where he was for this story. I have to say that regardless of his flaw, which I understand the reason for this flaw, that this man is someone to admired for he is tender and doesn't go looking for accolades for himself. 

Truly here is a story that begins an interesting series of a family that is bound together by love and so much more. There is self discovery that is made by numerous characters or at least the beginnings of self discovery that I know is in at least one other book for certain that I can remember from the other two books I have read in the series. I might be forgetting a hint or two, but that will make that discovery in future books just that much better. 

Then there is the courage that is displayed throughout the book for things are not smooth and challenges are overcome time and time again. It how each person faced those challenges that made this story so enjoyable. Nothing too serious but there are twists and turns that keeps the reader interested in the story while making it a pleasure to read. 

I hope that all who read this book and series enjoys it as much as I do and did.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

“Rocky Mountain Dreams” by Danica Favorite

About the Book
rocky mountain dreams
The last thing Joseph Stone expects to discover upon arriving in Leadville, Colorado, is a newfound little sister. Hoping to find his late father's silver mine and hopefully keep his siblings back home out of an orphanage, Joseph needs an ally. The preacher's lovely daughter agrees to care for the little girl. She's just not as willing to trust the prospector….  

Annabelle Lassiter has seen what men do in pursuit of riches. Yet for all the hardship he's known, Joseph still shows tenderness and warmth. Annabelle's plan has long been to leave Leadville far behind. But Joseph's quest for silver could cost them a more precious dream—one of family, love and new beginnings…. 

This book was released in November 2014
This is a well loved library book that was used for the review 

My Review

“Rocky Mountain Dreams” by Danica Favorite looks to be her first 'Love Inspired' book and what an interesting book. Most of the time I have been able to tell who is who within a story but not with this book. That I found surprising and I had to laugh for I was so completely off the mark that there was no choice but to laugh as I was wondering what was going to happen next. 

Here is a story of deep and intense grief by one, surprises for another, all leading to something that one might figure will happen but really not knowing how things are going to get from point A to point B. There is a character that I thought I had all figured out, and was hoping that maybe this character would be in her next book paired up with another character for I thought that this one character should have their own happy ending after all they have gone through, only to be completely duped. Oh I hope this make you wonder who is the one who is going to turn on everyone, for I sure didn't expect this person to turn like they did. 

This book is also a good example of how one shouldn't judge another without all the facts, for there was a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings due to judging people based on things such as who their parents are/were, they way they are dressed, or what they were doing for a living. It is interesting to watch those preconceptions fall down for there is something deeper behind why people are they are, and things become a little cloudy for they are no longer a black and white issue. As the preconceived notions begin to fall down things start to change all the way around. 

I hope all who pick up this book enjoys it as much as I did. No I didn't go into my thoughts about the hero and heroine and that is because if I did then I would be giving away so much that I think I would ruin it for everyone. Pick up the book and get lost in a book of love and determination. I am looking forward to future books by Ms. Favorite. 


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

"Cowboy Seeks a Bride" by Louise M. Gouge

About the Book 

Courted by a Cowboy 

Marybeth O'Malley is everything rancher Randall Northam seeks in a wife…if she'd only say "I do." Although his family paid for her train ticket West with the understanding the two would marry, Rand won't pressure her to set a date. Especially since he suspects she's learned about his reckless past. Who would want to marry an untamed cowboy like him?

Marybeth won't marry until she locates her long-lost brother. And when Rand agrees to help her with her search, she can't deny her surprisingly warm feelings toward her prospective groom. Could this honorable cowboy show her he's the husband she never knew she wanted?

This book was released in January 2015
This is a well loved library book that was used for the review

My Review

“Cowboy Seeks a Bride” by Louise M. Gouge is the second book in her 'Four Stones Ranch' but can stand alone just fine. This story is about the second oldest Northam children and we learn so much more about him. Sure there is an event from “Cowboy to the Rescue” that plays a large part in this book as well but really we learn everything we need to know we learn in greater detail with this book, so no harm done.

This was an enjoyable story that really had me interested from the get go, but sadly there was a character in the story that I just didn't see the purpose of being there like this character was. I could see how maybe this character was useful but I think only a scene or two would have done just as much if not more for the story but maybe I missed something that Ms. Gouge was trying to show with this character. I am not one above admitting that I missed something important, or who knows maybe there is a message there that is just not meant for me at this time so I couldn't see. Everything else about the story though was enjoyable to where I just had to finish reading the story to find out what happens.

Here is Marybeth, a woman who is on a mission, and mission that frankly seems to be more important that anything else around. Regardless of her flaws, and she has one that really bothers me big time, she has heart that is large for she is willing to unselfishly help those who need it regardless the cost herself. She is determined to be independent though she does have her reasons for that. I suppose there are reasons for all she does but I didn't like how she went about things, yet I did like Marybeth anyhow.

Rand is a man who is dealing with the past, and is dealing with it in a remarkable way. This is not the same man who was in “Cowboy to the Rescue” and I really liked learning this man's story, and had hoped that his story would be the second book. Here is a man who is overcoming his past and proving himself. He is not just using his words to prove himself but his actions are speaking louder than words. His past is haunting him and though it maybe never stop haunting him he has learned over the course of the book how to handle it even better. Rand is an honorable man who sticks to his words and knows when to quit.

As I said above there is a character I didn't understand the purpose of being part of the story as they were but none the less this story was a wonderful story of overcoming the past. Both Marybeth and Rand have things in their past that are upsetting and bothersome but it seems the focus is the overcoming those things. Marybeth and Rand are at different points in that journey and it is interesting to watch how they get from where they are at the beginning of the book to the end of the book. I would have to say that this book is well rounded for there are the funny parts, the annoying parts and everything in between.

I hope all who read this book enjoys it as I did.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

"Wolf Creek Father" by Penny Richards

About the Book 

A Wife for the Sheriff? 
Schoolteacher Allison Grainger loves educating the children of Wolf Creek, Arkansas. She's nearly at her wit's end, though, when it comes to Sheriff Colt Garrett's two unruly youngsters. But when Allison is forced to work with the prickly lawman, the handsome widower and his children prove to be both charming and the perfect complement to her own life.
Colt Garrett is too busy taming the West—and his children—to worry about the concerns of the only schoolteacher in Wolf Creek. That is, until he meets the striking Allison, whose infectious smile warms his heart. Could she be the mother figure his children have always wanted…and the wife he so longs for?

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This book was released in January 2015
This is a well loved library book that was used for the review

My Review

“Wolf Creek Father” by Penny Richards is another wonderful book centered in Wolf Creek, Arkansas, that ties in wonderfully with her other Wolf Creek books, but stands perfectly alone for it is with new characters who were only minor characters in the prior books. I didn't remember these lovely characters from the prior books, and I have to say that it is a shame, but made this book a wonderful stand alone book.

I have to say that this book was nothing like I expected it to be. Oh sure it seems as if the good ole sheriff and the schoolteacher are at each other throats until forced to work together, and with that I assumed certain things to happen along the way. Well there is a saying about assuming and it fits me with this book that is for sure, and I am glad that it didn't go the way I thought for this was such much better.  I must admit that the first kiss took me by complete and total surprise for that was something I never saw coming for I expected that first kiss to be in another form. I have to admit I love these types of first kisses, and more often than not I can see them coming a mile away, but this time it took me by complete surprise and I loved it.

It seemed as every time there seemed to be a step or two forward there were step backwards, or some left turn came out of no where. I cheered on one or both of the characters as they were struggling to get their problems under control while at other times I wanted to knock some sense into one or both of them. Then as things seem to finally start coming together, it seems as something would pop up and blow things out to the wind so that the story would keep going a little longer. I just couldn't put the book down for I wanted, almost needed to know what was going to happen next which resulted in being up a little (ok maybe a lot) past my bedtime again.

Allison is woman who has some issues to deal with and I can understand why she feels the way she does, but honestly at times she got on my nerves for she didn't seem to want to move on. Then again, at the same time I saw part of me in her, and maybe that is why she got on my nerves so much, to where maybe I need to start rethinking some things. I have to say that it is pretty remarkable when a reader can see a part of themselves in a fictional character for that character then becomes just that much more special to the reader. Her heart is there for anyone to see and it is a tender heart that is for sure, and yet she shows how human she is with the very first scene. I enjoyed seeing the different aspects to Allison for usually we only see a few sides of a character but here it seems like we see the whole Allison, warts and all.

Colt is a different type of man who is a breath of fresh air in my opinion. Here is a man who is determined to do what he thinks is best and ready to do so, while at the same time he is avoiding some pretty serious truths about himself. So yes he has his flaws and I loved how he had to confront those flaws. Colt is an honorable man, stubborn and at times completely blind, but none the less honorable. He loves his children and is willing to do what he must for them and his job, though it is not exactly easy for him at times. I so enjoyed when he becomes flustered and out of sorts that is for sure.

I really can't wait for the next book to come out, for in the author's note at the end of the book Ms. Richards hints as to whose story is coming next, and boy I have to say I can't wait for I was really hoping to hear one of those characters, for I think this character really deserves a happy ending. Now hearing who the hero and heroine is going to be I have to say that I have to say that both characters deserves that happy ending I love reading about. I so hope that all who read this book enjoys it as much as I did.

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Monday, January 26, 2015

"Conveniently Wed" by Angel Moore

About the Book 

Husband by Necessity 

To save her family's homestead Daisy Mosley will do whatever it takes, even if it means marrying a rugged cowboy who thinks he knows best. But though the widowed mother of two takes Tucker Barlow into her home as her husband, she isn't ready to welcome him into her heart. 

Tucker knows his marriage to Daisy is about convenience, not love. But after years of hiding his feelings for his childhood friend, he wants to shower her with affection and favor her twin sons with the fatherly attention he'd missed. Can he show Daisy that he is more than just a practical groom—he is a man worthy of her love?

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This book was released in December 2014
This is a well loved library book that was used for the review

My Review

“Conveniently Wed” by Angel Moore looks to be her first Love Inspired book and I sure hope it isn't her last book for I was drawn into this book from literally from page one. Sadly this was a book that had to be returned to the library when the flu struck my family and myself, for if I had known how good this book was, I would have coughed my way through the pages (while constantly sanitizing my hands to prevent the flu being spread to the other library patrons) as I fought going to sleep just to finish this book.

In that first chapter or so my heart was broken for both Daisy and Tucker for their stories of pain and loss was told in a way that it seemed so very real. This is a story of healing and my heart that was broken from near the start of the book was healed along with both Daisy and Tucker's. That to me is the mark of a wonderful author for Ms. Moore broke my heart and then healed it.  Oh yes, I know this is a fictional story with fictional characters but the night I read this story that didn't matter one wit at all for they were real to me that night while my nose was stuck in the book.

Daisy is a woman who is facing some pretty rough times because of things that have happened in the past. Through all of it though she showed remarkable strength and courage. Things quickly seem to spin out of her control but yet she kept a certain poise if for nothing more than for the comfort of her children. How she handled everything really showed her true character but yet she had her flaws as well.

Tucker is a man of great patience that is for sure but there is more to him. He is a quiet man but he is one who is honorable, and there for his friends and family regardless what may come. There is more to this man but to say more would really kind of ruin the surprise about this story for I think there is a wealth of the story that is with this hero, so I will leave it at that.

As I said this seems to be a story of healing for both Daisy and Tucker knew the pain of loss though at different times and circumstances in their life. To watch as each of them healed from their past pain was interesting and gives hope that things will always get better. Things might not always be the smoothest while healing but at the end of all that pain there is joy that makes it all worth while. There is also talk about being stuck somewhere in the middle of the healing and the loss that can come from not wanting to go through it all. To me that was actually a pretty sad for those who didn't move forward sounds like they missed out on a lot.

I so hope that there will be more books by Ms. Moore for I will look for them. And I hope all who read this book enjoys it as much as I did. Yep this is going on my wish list for books to go in my own personal library.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

"Accidental Fiancee" by Mary Moore

About the Book 

Necessary Nuptials 

Lady Grace Endicott never would have dreamed she'd be ruined by a rake. But after an innocent encounter with notorious scoundrel Lord Weston is misconstrued, her beloved sister's introduction to society—and her own reputation—are put at risk. The only way to avoid a scandal is a betrothal. 

Brandon Roth—Lord Weston—doesn't quite know what to think of his independent fiancĂ©e…or their growing friendship. Yet their engagement ruse is quickly becoming more than a temporary fix. If he can convince Grace that his wicked ways are now far behind him, he'll be able to prove that he wants nothing more than to care for the lovely lady…

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This book was released in January 2015
This is a well loved library book that was used for the review

My Review
“Accidental Fiancee” by Mary Moore is a book I have been waiting for, since I learned that it was coming out. It seems as if when I am waiting for a book with such expectations, as I did with this book, I am let down about half the time for it turns out that it was not all that I hoped it would be. I can safely say that was not the case with this book, for it seemed to exceed all of my expectations.

Normally I give a little personal thoughts on each the hero and heroine of the story but this time I am not going to do so. The reason I am not going to do so is because I think by describing these two characters, it would take away from this book where part of the pleasure in the journey that I took with this book was in fact learning about these two very unique characters. Each of them learn a few things with eye opening results, but I have to say that some of those lessons that were learned were learned fairly easily while others were not. I have to say that I fell in love with both Grace and Brandon for each of them lived up to their description on the back of the book with one being a scoundrel and the other being something else. It is interesting to watch how these two interact with other throughout the book, and I loved every minute of reading it.

All of the characters, main and secondary, are written in such a way that they seemed to be able to pull various emotions out of me, from dislike to pity, love to disdain and so much more. It is really such a rare thing for me to find a 'Love Inspired' book to have such full characters all the way around from the main right down to the very minor characters that only have an appearance for a few pages. Then there is the humor that is spread out throughout the story that really endeared both Grace and Brandon to me for I just couldn't help but laugh at them. I also wanted to strangle one or both of them at one point or another because they allowed themselves to get into some pretty touchy circumstances.

I truly hope all who read this book enjoys it as much as I did.