Saturday, April 25, 2015

"Hill Country Courtship" by Laurie Kingery

About the Book

Baby of Her Own
Maude Harkey is resigned to a loveless life until a baby is born—and orphaned—at her boardinghouse home. She'll never be a wife…but she can still be a mother. Yet a boardinghouse is no place for a newborn. Enter Jonas MacLaren—a handsome, exasperating rancher with an offer too good to refuse.
Jonas can handle running a ranch—but handling his cantankerous mother is another matter. Maude matches his mother's stubbornness so she'll be a perfect live-in companion. But she's there for his mother, not for him. He'll just have to keep his wounded heart closed to her beauty, her humor, her warmth and strength—and her irresistibly adorable baby.
Brides of Simpson Creek: Small-town Texas spinsters find love with mail-order grooms!

This book was released in March 2015
This was a well loved library book that was used to review.

My Review

“Hill Country Courtship” by Laurie Kingery is another wonderful book in her 'Brides of Simpson Creek'. Though this book is part of the series it is a great stand alone book, though there are characters from the prior books there is no series story line that makes reading the other books important. Instead with the prior characters who are a part of this story, are secondary but it felt as if the reader is catching up with a few friends.

This is Maude's story and what a story. A story of redemption and grace. There are surprises along the way for when I would think things were going to go one way, things when another way. There are surprises right up to the very of the story as well. No matter what is happening in the story grace and mercy are shown to all who are needing it. There is no overt preaching in the book but wow what a powerful message is given throughout the whole story with the fact that things are shown not preached. When words are needed they are right to the point and just what needed to be said without anything extra.

Maude is a young woman who has found her life totally different then she expected yet she has constantly shown her spirit by the way she acts throughout it all. When things present themselves to her, she faces them with grace and a bit of fear at times, but never does she walk away. She agrees to do what she must for those who are in her charge. Her spirit is there throughout the story and so her is her temper. I have to say it was interesting to see when the young lady might loose the tight control on her tongue and show her temper.

Jonas is a young man who has a secret that affects him deeply. Yet it is this secret that has made him into the man that he is in the story. A man who is guarded but will do what ever is needed to protect those in his care. A man who knows hard work yet knows what is important in life. There are things about Jonas that touches ones heart but at the same time really irritated me for he just seemed like a cold hearted man at times. Really glad that there was so much more to this man.

I have to say this is a story that was wonderful to read on a rainy, cold spring day. There was just enough interesting twists and turns that kept the book so interesting that I just couldn't put the book down. I couldn't help but laugh there at the end of the book, for I seriously thought that things had settled down when things suddenly took a twist that just kept the ending even more interesting.

I would recommend this book to all of those who enjoy historical romances that is light yet interesting to read. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

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Hill Country Courtship

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Senior Blonde Moments

Hello All,

I am sorry that it seems as if I am not posting anything, and there is a reason behind that. 

I get my newer books through the local public library, and I had a mini vacation so I put all those books that I had on hold into a frozen state.  Meaning that my spot would be saved without taking the chance of missing out on reading the book, and I could have sworn that I took them off the frozen state so that I would start getting the books again.  It has been more than two weeks now and so far nothing from the library, so I finally asked what was going on and apparently all my books were still in the frozen state.  

I will have to say that through my Senior Blonde moment had some positive highlights.  I have thoroughly gone through my house doing my Spring Cleaning so my little apartment is sparkling clean.  I have been reading but mostly books I have already read and reviewed over the years because it was like visiting with long time friends, and didn't want to repeat anything here, hence why it has been so quiet here. 

Once the books start rolling in again, my reviews will start up.