Monday, November 3, 2014

"Season of Forgiveness" by Templa Melnick

About this Book


Emma is a little woman with a big heart, who can to ride, shoot, love, and pray!

Emma Johnson juggles family, friends, and pioneer chores, all the while dealing with threats to her own life, those she loves, and the safety of the ranch on the western slope of Colorado's Rocky Mountains in the early 1900s. The challenges of living in the shadow of gold fever bring opportunities to use the skills learned from her Indian stepmother while praying as if everything depends on the Lord. Families, schools, and churches are moving into Riverbend, where gold assessors, saloons, and brothels have prevailed. Conflicts arise between miners, ranchers, bankers, railroad tycoons, Indians, and lawmen. Emma finds herself involved in the rescue and restoration of three abandoned or abused women. As hope, beauty, and new life blossom, the four women help uncover an evil plot and learn the meaning of forgiveness.

This Historical/Western/Romance novel shows us what women encountered in the West, especially in gold-rush boom towns. And it demonstrates the difference that faith, prayer, resourcefulness, and self-sacrifice can make in any hard situation.

Season of Forgiveness offers a colorful cast of characters, pacing that lets you experience family life on a Western ranch and the flavor of life in those days, peppered with suspense, danger, and a little mystery. The drama and pathos in the stories of the three women ~ Sally, Daisy, and Dee ~ are eloquent and will touch your heart. Each of them begins to come into her own and each develops love interests by the end of this book that will form the bases of the plots in books 2 and 3 of the series. By the time you read to the end of Season of Forgiveness, these characters will be real to you and you will want to read about the next seasons of their lives.

Get to know Emma Johnson, her cowboy husband, their seven rambunctious sons (the oldest ones becoming men), and Emma's young, rescued-women friends in Season of Forgiveness, first novel of the new series, Seasons in Riverbend.

This book was released in July 2014
I received this book from Cladach Publishers in exchange for being part of their book tour
and an honest review

About the Author

Templa Melnick lives in Grand Junction, Colorado. She is married to her high school sweetheart, Chris. They have raised three sons and a menagerie of animals. Templa loves history, out of the way museums, and dusty attics filled with forgotten treasures. She's always ready to listen as old timers talk about how things were back in their day. Raised in the mountains of Colorado and influenced by colorful family memories, these elements naturally weave their way into her stories, creating rich, realistic details. Templa also draws from her varied experience as a business owner, a sales and marketing executive, and most recently, serving in Wake Up Ministries. Find her online ~ and enjoy her blog, "Templa's Trivia" ~ at

 My Review

"The Season of Forgiveness" by Templa Melnick is the first book in her 'Seasons In Riverbend' and what a story.  This is a romance in a way but not your typical boy meets girl romance but the romance our heavenly Father has with us when He is showing his love for us through other people.  There is a bit of boy/girl romance but that is not the primary story in this book but a nice little bonus.

It seemed at first the story was moving a little slow but then I realized that actually it was a wonderful start for it showed what brought everyone together when they did.  Life was not easy for our young ladies who each had their own problems.  Then of course there is what is going on with the events that are happening, which only helps to show God's love even more.

I really enjoyed the forgiveness aspect to the story as well and how each person got to that point.   It is not always so easy to forgive especially when we have been hurt over and over, and it is not always something that happens overnight.  I think this story shows those different aspects and really help make this story into the beautiful story that it is.

I also loved how frankly Emma refused to turn her back on anyone regardless what they did.  Her heart is so warm and tender that it is like she doesn't know a stranger.  Yet that tenderness doesn't quite extend to everyone when her family is in danger, but yet then she is able to do something pretty amazing at the same time.  This is a heroine that stands for so much and in a way I hope I am able to be a little like her in what she does.

I really hope all who read this book enjoys it as much as I have.