Monday, February 2, 2015

“The Wrangler’s Inconvenient Wife” by Lacy Williams

About the Book
the wranglers inconvenient wife
With no family to watch over them, it's up to Fran Morris to take care of her younger sister, even if it means marrying a total stranger. Gruff, strong and silent, her new husband is a cowboy down to the bone. He wed Fran to protect her, not to love her, but her heart has never felt so vulnerable.
Trail boss Edgar White already has all the responsibility he needs at his family's ranch in Bear Creek, Wyoming. He had intended to remain a bachelor forever, but he can't leave Fran and her sister in danger. And as they work on the trail together, Edgar starts to soften toward his unwanted wife. He already gave Fran his name...can he trust her with his heart?
Wyoming Legacy: United by family, destined for love

This book was released in August 2014
This is a well loved library book that was used for the review
My Review

“The Wrangler's Inconvenient Wife” by Lacy Williams is her fourth book in her 'Wyoming Legacy' series and this book is about the stand offish Edgar White. Though this is part of a series, it is a perfect stand alone book. This is a book that somehow slipped through the cracks and I just got my hands on it which is good for I am still waiting to get my hands on “A Cowboy for Christmas” from the library.

As I said this is the happy ending for Edgar (and no I don't feel as if I am giving anything away when I say happy ending after all it is a romance and he is the hero) but I had to wonder what kind of heroine would be the perfect match for this cowboy who throughout the other books made it clear his opinion of marriage very clear. I knew it was going to have to take something drastic and that is exactly what happened. I actually felt a little bad for him with how everything happened but loved the ending regardless.

Edgar is a man now and is acting like it, but he is honorable but yet he is a haunted man at the same time. I can understand some of the reason's as to why he is the way he is, but yet I just want to hug the child that he once was, for what he went through what no person should have to go through. Edgar is trying to so hard in this book to do the right thing, until he figures out what is really the right thing to do regardless what it might cost him. He learns this lesson late but is it too? That is the question.

Fran is a woman who desperate to take care of her sister and will do whatever it takes. Though she is desperate she is willing to do her share of the work. This is a bit funny to watch but then again maybe it is just a rule of thumb with the women that the White men seem to take a shine too. Yes that is a reference to the other books, and if anyone hasn't read them yet, I strongly suggest them. So Fran is like the rest of the White women, in many ways. She has her flaws, no doubt about it, but she has her strength and determination. She is willing to do whatever it takes to do what needs to be done.

There is the antagonist who is really a vile creep and we see that near the beginning but we don't see the antagonist true colors until the time is right. It is because of the antagonist that is the reason for such a short time period over the story time line, yet there are a lot of ground breaking information that seems to be shared that opens up a lot of things. Those things make so much sense with things being the way they are, and really help soften this reader towards the hard core characters.

This is a story that moved constantly along without lagging behind anywhere or rushing through anything either. The characters are just as they have been throughout the entire series, well rounded to where they just hit on a readers emotions, while having just enough of a flaw or flaws to keep them from being overly perfect but not so over done that they seem to be caught in some kind of depressing loop either. Then all the experiences that are described in the book along the trail where described just right to where one could picture everything that was happening without going overboard with the descriptions to where they are describing which direction the grass is blowing.

I hope all who read this book and series enjoy it as much as I have and do. 

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