Tuesday, March 3, 2015

"Joy in His Heart" by Kate Welsh

About the Book

They're so wrong for each other, they might just be perfect. 

Headstrong Joy Fuller knew she could never marry Brian Peterson. A brilliant doctor, Brian always wanted a society wife, not a tomboyish pilot. That's what Joy told herself twelve years ago when their breakup left her brokenhearted. After years of avoiding him, the two are thrown together on a seemingly routine rescue mission. But when her aircraft goes down in the Adirondacks, their very survival depends on whether they both can get over past hurts and work together. If they can stop quarreling long enough, they might even just see that they're both still hopelessly in love.

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This book was released in November 2005
This is my own personal book that was reviewed

My Review

“Joy in His Heart” by Kate Welsh is a book that has been out for sometime apparently, since November 2005, but I found and rescued this book at a yard sale this summer. I was glad that I found this book for frankly it had lead a pretty lonely life for it had been apparently purchased, then forgotten, never to have been read until I got my hands on it. Wow oh wow, this book is going to remain on my keep shelf that is for sure because of how good it was. This was also the first book by Ms. Welsh that I had read, and if I find anymore of her Love Inspired books, I will be reading those as well.

Here is a story that is full of anger, miscommunication, fighting in more ways then one, a lot of internal examination, regrets, success, and happiness. I cried at times because of what was going, I was on the edge of my seat wanting to know what going to happen next, and laughing at the humor that some may find to be at the wrong time but I thought that it was a decent tension breaker. I was drawn into the whole story from the first chapter for things with emotions and actions happen almost from the very start and didn't ease up until the end of the story.

Joy and Brian are not strangers to each other and wow what tension between the two. These two characters are so alike that no wonder they have some issues. Both are strong in their faith, strong in what they believe and do, determined that they know what is right, have large warm hearts for others, and are full of anger along with some hurt. Both Joy and Brian have worked hard to get where they are in their life and still have dreams for the future. Even with all those things that are so similar, there is even more for they are not willing to fully open up with each other to clear up misunderstanding.

I am not normally one for all the internal reflections of the past as this book as but this time around there was something that just spoke to me about all the revelations that were revealed in the book. Some of those revelations were age old issues that became pretty clear when mirrors where held up, but it was the way it was done that made everything so interesting.

Though the majority of the book took place over a very short week, it was a very intense week with all that had to happen to survive. Things were not easy in the slightest but at the same time the time together had been a real eye opener for several reasons. The past is brought up but then again it is down in a way that makes sense with the way the two are acting towards each other. There is even a resolution, even if it wasn't exactly how I wanted it to go for there were a couple of twist and turns there at the end. The last little bit of the book moves fairly quickly with the space of time, but to me it didn't seem like it was rushed for it was just showing how both Joy and Brian were getting along after their accident.

I hope all who come across this book and read it, enjoys it as much as I did.