Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Senior Blonde Moments

Hello All,

I am sorry that it seems as if I am not posting anything, and there is a reason behind that. 

I get my newer books through the local public library, and I had a mini vacation so I put all those books that I had on hold into a frozen state.  Meaning that my spot would be saved without taking the chance of missing out on reading the book, and I could have sworn that I took them off the frozen state so that I would start getting the books again.  It has been more than two weeks now and so far nothing from the library, so I finally asked what was going on and apparently all my books were still in the frozen state.  

I will have to say that through my Senior Blonde moment had some positive highlights.  I have thoroughly gone through my house doing my Spring Cleaning so my little apartment is sparkling clean.  I have been reading but mostly books I have already read and reviewed over the years because it was like visiting with long time friends, and didn't want to repeat anything here, hence why it has been so quiet here. 

Once the books start rolling in again, my reviews will start up.