Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"A Heart to Heal" by Allie Pleiter

About the Book

The Courage To Hope

Guidance counselor Heather Browning is desperate. She needs a mentor to help Simon, a disabled student who is struggling at Gordon Falls High School. Unfortunately, hotshot Max Jones is her only option. Confrontational and cavalier, Max uses his flashy persona to hide the bitterness he's felt since his life-changing accident. Perpetually cautious, Heather finds Max's bad-boy bravado as intriguing as it is infuriating. But as Heather and Max work together to build Simon's self-confidence, they begin to trust each other. Max has never been slow and careful with anything. Can he be gentle with Heather's heart?

Gordon Falls: Hearts ablaze in a small town.

This book was released in August 2014
This was a well loved library book that was reviewed

My Review of "A Heart to Heal"

“A Heart to Heal” by Allie Pleiter is a book that I actually didn't think would happen because of Max's disability, and that is because most authors wouldn't touch Max's disability with a ten foot pole, which in my opinion is a shame. This book really hit the mark with me and this is on my “MUST BUY” list, and there is not many on that list. I have a long “I want to buy” list but to date I only have handful of “MUST BUY” books.

To finally see a hero such as Max with all the issues that he dealt with finally being seen in a book such as this, was refreshing and so true to life. I may not be in the same spot as Max is at this point but I have been there and face the same thing in the future possibly. When I was there in the past I had to deal with the same things he dealt with in the book, and I see the same attitudes time and time again in the world. I found the humor that Max dealt with his disability to be understandable, as well as his anger, doubts and fears. I deal with my disability with humor, even though many may not understand it. I worked through my anger, doubts and fears but they were all there. I was able to relate, other than I am a woman, with Max so much that I couldn't help but root for him in all ways.

Heather is a woman who has a heart that is pure gold. She has her own scars from the past both that are on the outside and on the inside. Things she wanted to keep in the past, found their way into the light and she found herself defending once again. Heather is also determined to help those who need it and tries her best to make the best out of some really tough situations that pop up. I was able to see her strength and her faith in all that she did even though at times she doubted herself it seems. Overall, though, Heather is a woman who was just the right woman for all that was going on around her.

The secondary characters are so well written that they seem as if they are just important as the main characters. Alright one of the secondary characters is pretty important to the story and this character is full of some pretty good advice when the time is needed. Though it might seem as if this character speaks out of character, this character really doesn't for they have a better understanding than most of the other characters. I found that each character had this unique sense of humor, some to hide their true emotions, and some because something struck their funny bone in a strange way.

There is plenty of humor throughout the story, where I found myself laughing on a regular basis throughout the story. I would have to say that this is a book that I so loved, and I didn't actually shed a single tear, which is odd considering I understood what Max was going through, yet I didn't shed a single tear over him. I must admit that I am emotional reader and I cry at more books that I care to count, but this time I didn't, and I loved the story.

The conflict of the story is in two ways, one is internal and one is external. These are conflicts that are dealt with everyday within people we know even if it is just a nodding in the store relationship. Though we don't know what the resolution is to one conflict, I have to say that is good for really it is one of those things that sometimes can't be wrapped up all nice and neat. One we don't see how it is resolved but we see the end results, which is about the only disappointing aspect of the whole book.

I highly recommend this story to all who love romance and don't shy from imperfect hero's. 

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