Monday, September 22, 2014

"Christmas Comes to Little Hickman Creek" by Sharlene MacLaren

About the Book

Two years ago this Christmas, Sadie Bennett's beloved husband was killed in a tragic accident at the local sawmill. What was once her favorite time of year now haunts her, with its cheerful trappings a cruel reminder of the love she lost. The young widow would like nothing more than to hibernate until the festivities are over. When she finds herself assigned to the committee tasked with picking a Christmas tree for the town square of Little Hickman Creek, she begrudgingly agrees but determines to fulfill her duties to the bare minimum.

As the search for a suitable tree gets under way, Sadie is dismayed to learn that one of her fellow committee members is a man she's worked hard to avoid. Reed Harris owns the local livery, and while he's friendly enough, good-looking, too, Sadie isn't ready to invest in another relationship. In fact, she may never be ready, unless a Christmas miracle manages to thaw her frozen heart.

This book was released in September 2014
This was a well loved library book that was reviewed

My Review of "Christmas Comes to Little Hickman Creek"

“Christmas Come to Little Hickman Creek” by Sharlene MacLaren is a sweet and tender novella that is just perfect for that night when one wants to sit back to have a quick read when they are limited on time.

 We are taken back to Little Hickman Creek for a visit for this story and we get to revisit with the Broughton's, Callahan's, and Atkins' a little in this story, however, if one hasn't read the prior Little Hickman Creek books that is not a problem for this is a perfect stand alone novella. Personally I would have rather had a full length novel with a return to Little Hickman Creek series, but I will take what I can get.

Sadie is a young woman who has not been able to move on after the death of her husband during the Christmas season. She is one who puts up a lot of pretense that things are fine, but inside she is just struggling to get through each day.

Reed is a young man who has figured out what he wants and living in a big city is not it, and he has his eye on his future wife. He is a man who shows great patience and honor in how he behaves around the woman he wants for a wife.

I have to say that I loved the moments when in the book God spoke to the characters, whether they recognized it as a nudge from the Holy Spirit or heard the words themselves, it was just so beautiful. I always enjoy those special moments when an author has God speaking to His special fictional creation (and I firmly believe that God speaks to both real flesh and blood, and to fictional characters) for I believe that God is speaking to someone who is reading the book and hopefully they will see what they need to see. And, yes, I did take something away from the story.

One of the underlining messages that I took away from the story is that there is a season for everything. A season for grief, for joy, for tears, for laughter, but there is never a season for fear for with God all things will work out. It was not an easy lesson, but it did come slowly and over time instead of just a few pages. I always appreciate when lessons are learned slowly instead of instantaneously for I think the lesson is remembered better that way.

This story does take place over a few weeks if that long but it was hard to remember that, because the story was so well told that we learn a few things to help make the story seem more realistic. I truly enjoyed the story and will reread it again, then again I fell in love when I first read The Little Hickman Creek series just earlier this year.

I hope all who read this book enjoy it as much as I did.

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