Thursday, October 23, 2014

"The Gentleman's Bride Search" by Deborah Hale

About the Book

Matchmaking with a Mission 

If Jasper Chase won't trouble himself to find a new governess, Evangeline Fairfax must find her employer a wife. That way, his children will be well cared for once she leaves to start a charity school. Jasper reluctantly agrees to a matchmaking house party with one condition—that Evangeline give him lessons in courtship.

Devoted to improving conditions at his mill, Jasper unwittingly ignored matters at home. Only now, as Evangeline teaches him how to win a wife, does he realize what it means to be a true father and husband. And if this independent young woman would just say yes, her plan could have the perfect ending….

Glass Slipper Brides: From governess to Cinderella bride

My Review

“The Gentleman's Bride Search” by Deborah Hale is the fifth full book and sixth story in Ms. Hale's 'Glass Slipper Brides', but a perfect stand alone book as well for the most part. The only thing that I find helpful with reading the other books in the series is one has a better idea of how the school that Evangeline had attended as a child, for all of the girls in the series had different memories that has come out over the course of the series. Still even without those details, one shouldn't feel as if they are being left out of something important.

This is the story of the leader of the pack, so to speak, Evangeline who is so certain of her future, and a bit frustrated that it hasn't happened yet. Her love for children is easy to see and a pretty good thing since children are a part of her future, and so is her ability to understand children while corralling them in positive outlooks. At times her bossiness and pushiness comes through, but not always in a bad way. Her honestly even in the face of that it might make her uncomfortable is also reassuring. Then there is her flaws that help make her seem so much more approachable.

Jasper is a man that is a mass of contradictions at times, or at least I thought so. Maybe those contradictions was nothing more than faulty thinking, but it also showed his humanness that sometimes hero's seem to be missing in books. His love for his family is a very powerful thing without a doubt, and though he may not have understood why he did things they way he did them, he did those things just the same because he believes in the reasons he has told himself. Jasper is a man who is also willing to listen to others, and give things a chance though he might not want to.

Evangeline and Jasper have quite a bit in common with each other that is one thing that made this story so enjoyable with the arguments and understanding of each other. It was also pretty amusing watching the two interact with each other for this is a romance book after all and both of them were pretty dense as to what was expected of them, by at least this reader. Of course they finally figured out what I wanted them to figure out but the journey to get to that point was frustrating and so worth the journey without a doubt.

I loved how both Evangeline and Jasper showed their faith in what they were doing or planning to do in the future. Though I do enjoy books where one of them seem to struggle with their faith, it is refreshing too when everyone has a good, solid foundation in their faith. It is not just the solid foundation but it is their actions, thoughts and everything else about them that shows more than just their words that show their faith.

I found that this book was a perfect book for the end of a series for there were no one left to wonder about their future. All the young ladies from the matchmaking house party that was thrown, found their future in the book, whether it be with a man or something else. I felt bad about one of the young ladies and I wonder if maybe she shouldn't have her own book in the future for I can just imagine the reformation that would take for this young lady and what a wonderful story that would be. Then again not all people can be reformed though we all wish they could.

I hope all who read this book enjoys it as much as I did.

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