Tuesday, November 25, 2014

"His Small-Town Family" by Lorraine Beatty

About the Book

Healing Their Hearts

Nicki Latimer never expected to be back in her tiny Mississippi hometown—much less running a store with a baby on her hip. But when her father falls ill, Nicki will do anything to save the family business…even putting her dreams on hold. And she's found just the person to help her. Ethan Stone is strong and reliable, but also haunted by his past as a war photographer. He's convinced he could never be the man Nicki thinks he is. But with Ethan by her side, Nicki's dreams of love and family are closer than she thinks. 

Home to Dover: A small town with a big heart

This book was released in November 2014
This is a well loved library book that was reviewed.

My Review

“His Small-Town Family” by Lorraine Beatty is the second book of her 'Home to Dover' series, but it stands alone perfectly without making a person feel as if they are missing something. Though it is the second book of the 'Home to Dover' the four books that Ms. Beatty have written all are centered around the wonderful town of Dover. I don't know what it is about the town of Dover but there is something that I just love, maybe it is how the name came about (the story is told over and over in each of her books so I wont ruin it) or what the name means. I just enjoy returning to Dover over and over again.

Here is a story of two hurting souls and it is surprising how much these two souls have in common with their pain. Each one of them dealt with their pain in a different way which makes sense, since the pain they each suffer came from something different, but it was how that pain was affecting them that touched me. One was open and one kept things hidden until something totally unexpected happened. When that unexpected thing happened I was taken back and my heart broke.

Nicki is a single mom who is trying to do it all, almost to the point where is she is close to the breaking point. She also has a wonderful heart for her family and friends, even with some misunderstandings that she have lived with over the years. There are things that she has to figure out for herself and she is given the freedom to do so with some wise advice from others, but ultimately she is the ones who thinks everything through and makes her choices.

Ethan is a man who is trying to figure out what he is going to do now and with good reason. Ethan is a hard worker, not just on the job and that much is obvious but with his issues that he is aware of, for he doing what he needs to do in order to work forward. Ethan also has some pretty deep seeded fears that he needs to work through as well, and it is amazing how he does that.

I found the working through their fears and other issues was something that made a lot of sense for these might be some common issues in this day and time but frankly people deal with those things differently. Taking risks is never an easy thing and I found it frustrating at times with how timid both Ethan and Nicki were at times when things were so clear, yet they didn't take the risk they should have. And then finally the moving forward was something special when the hurdles were overcome for it was done in complete freedom.

I hope that all who read this book enjoy it and smile as they put the book down.

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