Thursday, December 4, 2014

"An Amish Country Christmas" by Hubbard and King

About the Book

In Willow Ridge, Missouri, the Christmas season is a time when faith brings peace, family brings warmth and new romance brings sparkling joy. . .

Twins For Christmas
For spirited Martha Coblentz and her twin Mary, the snow has delivered the perfect holiday and birthday present to their door--handsome brothers Nate and Bram Kanagy. But when unforeseen trouble interrupts their season's good cheer, it will take unexpected intervention--and sudden understanding--to give all four the blessing of a lifetime. . .

Kissing The Bishop
As the year's first snow settles, Nazareth Hooley and her sister are given a heaven-sent chance to help newly widowed Tom Hostetler tend his home. But when her hope that she and Tom can build on the caring between them seems a dream forever out of reach, Nazareth discovers that faith and love can make any miracle possible. . .

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This book was released in October 2013
I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

My Review

“An Amish Country Christmas” by Charlotte Hubbard and Naomi Kind is book that contains two novellas. I was surprised to see that both stories combine two great series. The two series are 'Home to Cedar Creek/One Big Happy Family' series by Naomi King and 'Seasons of the Heart' by Charlotte Hubbard. I didn't realize this came out when it did, otherwise I would have been starting on the 'Seasons of the Heart' series a whole lot sooner I am sure, for I would have gotten it to read the Naomi King story. 

“The Christmas Visitors” by Naomi King is a sweet story that takes place fairly quickly with the Coblentz twins (from 'Home to Cedar Creek' and 'One Big Happy Family' series) and the Kanagy brothers (from 'Seasons of the Heart' series'). 

I kind of enjoyed the spontaneity that both siblings displayed and how easy and laid back they could be, yet when things backfire, and they do at one point, the ones in the wrong were able to apologize and realize where they went wrong. 

I don't know if it was intentional on Ms. King's part to make it hard to know who was who when it came to the twins, or if it was just me having a hard time following along, but while reading the story I found it annoying. As I am sitting thinking about while typing up the review I am chuckling for if the reader can't always tell the twins apart, I can only imagine how Bram and Nate felt while in the situation at first. Now I have to wonder how hard or easy it was to write those conversations with the twins for Ms. King. 

I would have to say that though I have greatly enjoyed both series that these characters are a part of, all have a minor part in their respective series so that we don't really get a great depth of their characters. In this story with so many, Martha, Mary, Bram and Nate, I still didn't feel as if we got a whole deeper than before, but we do learn a few things about them that we didn't know before. The twins are still up to mischief and the Kanagy brothers are still hard workers, we just learn a tad more of what makes them tick. 

Over all this was a cute and sweet story that was perfect to read when I didn't have a lot of time to read a full book. 

“Kissing the Bishop” by Charlotte Hubbard is an interesting story with two romances happening. One couple is one that frankly is not a surprise to those who have been reading and enjoying 'Seasons of the Heart' series, and the other couple well that just took me by surprise. With that said I wont go into the other surprise couple for I would really hate to ruin that surprise for anyone. 

I have to say that the male half of the surprise couple is one I was always interested in learning more about for he just seems to be the type of a man who is honorable and so wise. I have to say that this character also surprised me beyond anything that I could fully explain for he was so up front and candid. I never thought that this was a guy who would be that candid but wow it really made him a little more special. 

Things are not easy for there are hurdles that both of these couples must work over and find a way to forge a new path for a future together. I enjoyed how things all worked out even though I really just wished that things would for once work out a lot smoother than in the last few weeks for Willow Ridge. Really it seems as if nothing runs smoothly in this little town, but I so enjoy how above all else love conquers it all.

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