Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"A Daughter's Return" by Janet Lee Barton

About the Book

Finding her way home

Having fled her privileged upbringing for a failed romance, Rebecca Heaton knows her pride has kept her from returning home. Now at her mother's boardinghouse in New York City, she's determined to forge a new life for herself--and her daughter. She just never expects to find a new love in the process… 

Ben Roth has always been compelled to help the downtrodden—including single moms like Rebecca. But if the past has taught him one thing it's that offering his trust can lead to disappointment. Could these two wounded souls make one another whole…and come together as a forever family? 

Boardinghouse Betrothals: Hearts taking shelter—and forging new beginnings

This book will be released in February 2015
I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

My Review

“A Daughter's Return” by Janet Lee Barton is the fourth book of her 'Boardinghouse Betrothals' series and I hope not the last one either for there is one couple I would be interested in seeing what happens with them. Here is Rebecca's story that has come full circle now. We have heard of Rebecca since the first book in the series “Somewhere to Call Home”, and learn a little more with each book about this remarkable young woman.

I would have to say that this book called to me in a very special way, for it deals with some extremely sensitive subjects for the time period of 1897. I have to say that though this book does seem slow at times without a lot of external conflict, and at times going over the same issues time and time again, I still found it hard to put down the book. Maybe it is because in some ways I can totally relate to Rebecca and all she had to deal with, or maybe it is because I see this situation far too often and this story, regardless of the time frame, is one of hope for a brighter future.

Rebecca is a remarkable woman who has basically made her bed and was willing to lie in it, but she was given options that after a little bit of time she finally took some of those options to help make things better for herself and her little family. Rebecca shows herself to be a woman who is determined to do what she can in order to take care of herself through her strength, faith and willingness to put herself out there like she does. I knew from the other books that something happened to Rebecca, but didn't quite know what, but here we learn the full story of what has happened to Rebecca in her time on her own. This has also given Rebecca a unique perspective in a couple of things that happen in the story.

Ben is a man who we have meet through a few of the other books, but really don't know much about him. In this book though we learn quite a bit about him and why he is the type of man that he is. Here is a man that has a heart for helping certain people, though he is willing to help anyone in need. Ben works hard to help all who comes his way and some he seeks out in a participial place. There is a strength in Ben that is hard to describe as well but it there regardless.

There at the end of the book there was talk about plans that both Ben and Rebecca had that really sounded like something that I am personally involved with in today's time which warmed my heart. I think this is part of why I like this book so much even with all of its drawbacks such as being slow. The characters are pretty well developed and so loveable. I truly hope that this is not the last in the series, and if it is then I hope that there will be other stories about some of the characters that were left single and hinted at something more for a couple of them.

I hope all who read this book enjoys it as much as I did.

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