Sunday, January 18, 2015

Life Has Happened

A month has come and gone where things have really been almost out of my control.  The flu has hit the area and I got hit along with some in my family.  Then Christmas time where things were enjoyable and dealing with more illness.  

It was after Christmas and the New Year where I got something so enjoyable that it took precedence over everything.  This is not an excuse offered to those who follow my blog, and I am going to break rank from doing book reviews only and offer my wonderful testimony of how God took care of me this Christmas season.

I am not a complainer about things I can not change and I have learned to be content IN all things in my life.  One of those things that I never complained about was the fact that I have really bad teeth.  My teeth were breaking or broken, or missing all together.  I was careful in the way I smiled, but other than that I went about daily living without too much thought about my mouth.  I did not allow my bad teeth to keep me from helping out at the Pregnancy Center where I am a mentor, or getting to know new people, but my smile was never a full one.  I was so lucky though for all the issues I had with my teeth, I didn't experience pain like a lot of people might, and I didn't have that many infections that could have taken over my health. 

The Friday before Christmas, I received a gift of unbelievable generosity from an anonymous donor who had it laid on their heart from God to do this.  So I guess really this gift is from God and it is one that I am grateful for.  I was given the gift of having my teeth taken care of.  God worked in such marvelous ways and very quickly as well.  Monday after I received the gift I was meeting with a dentist and shortly after the New Year, I was given my new smile.

For the first time in a long time I have no issues with having my picture all over the internet and I am the one who is posting it.  I never realized how things would change, when the smile changes.  I feel as if I have been given a new lease on life, not that I really didn't have one before but there are changes within myself.

I am not writing this testimony in order to boost my gift but to show how God truly helps His children.  I would never have asked for such a gift but yet I was blessed with it.  We may not understand God's timing or why His gifts are what they are, but God's knows what He is doing, thankfully.  Never give up on anything that is not going like you want them in your life, for God knows what you are going through and will be there for you.

I am back to reading now, and I should have my first review for the New Year in the next few days.

Thank you for sticking with me.

Janine aka Christian Bookworm