Thursday, February 26, 2015

"The Best Man's Secret" by Gail Sattler

 About the Book 

Dave's heart is captured from the moment he lays eyes on Ashley Kruger. Too bad it's while he's saving her from a bank robbery! When Ashley is injured, Dave promises to stay close. He's determined to take care of her—and to win her trust.
Ashley can't believe she was rescued by such a gentle and handsome man. As she gets to know her dashing hero, hope grows that he may be the one for her. But when dangerous secrets from his past come to light, Ashley will have to choose between safety…and love.

This book was released in July 2014
This is a well loved library book that was reviewed

My Review

“The Best Man's Secret” by Gail Sattler is an interesting book that kept me on the edge of my seat. I am a curious person and like to know things about people especially when there are little breads crumbs to follow and dropped on a regular basis.

I have to say that I haven't read about a more mysterious hero than Dave Ducharme. I couldn't figure out what this guy was hiding. Was he some kind of billionaire who was just trying to live life as a normal person for he didn't want the money anymore? Maybe Dave was some kind of undercover cop who was deep undercover. Then there is possibility that he had been injured in the past in another bank robbery. Maybe for some reason he is in the witness protection program. Then there is the off chance that he is on the run from some crazy ex-girlfriend who is dangerous. Maybe he was on the run from his past that was dangerous. These are all thoughts that I had about Dave as I read the story for it is easy to see he is hiding something but man even within the pages of the book, he is stingy as all get out in revealing his secret.

I can safely say that one of my guesses is correct for Dave reveals all that happened in his past. I wont say what was revealed for man that would ruin the book for those who read it, and part of the fun of the book was the guessing what he did. For as frustrating as I found the bread crumbs into who Dave is, I just couldn't put the book down for I had to know what happened. Honestly I enjoy 'Heartsong Presents' for they are really light reading books that are great for killing time and fairly easy to put the book down to do something else, but not this book. I couldn't put it down in the slightest for I just had to know what was going on.

Ashley is a pretty easy woman to figure out, and she is pretty tough. For all that this woman goes through she doesn't loose her faith or her smile. She isn't perfect for she gets cranky and upset about what happened and what is the result now to her.

I was disappointed though for there is a piece of vital information missing. The information missing is how Ashley discovered something pretty important about Dave. He didn't mention this fact, and yet somehow she knows this information, but how did she find out. Maybe somehow I missed it but somehow I doubt it. Spoiler Alert (please highlight the following text in order to see the spoiler) Dave had been shot in the past and somehow Ashley knows this information on page 132. I looked back over the previous 10 pages to see if I missed anything but still couldn't figure out how she learned that he had been shot. Granted she doesn't know the details but she knows he had been shot. This just didn't make any sense what so ever how she learned it. End of Spoiler Alert.

Over all I did enjoy this story a great deal and think it is a wonderful book that all will hopefully enjoy as much as I did. Though I may not like how something was learned without it making sense, but everything else was great. I couldn't help but follow all the bread crumbs and I hope others enjoy those bread crumbs too. This is only my second book that I have read by Ms. Sattler, and enjoyed both of them a great deal. I think Ms. Sattle is a wonderful author and I will look forward to reading more.