Friday, April 17, 2015

"The Journey" by Wanda E. Brunstetter

About the Book
Discover along with Titus Fisher how life can begin anew in Christian County, Kentucky. Moving from Pennsylvania, finding rewarding work, and leaving a broken romance behind is the best decision Titus ever made. But is he ready to consider love again when he meets two women: one who seems perfectly suited for any Amish man and one who challenges long held ideas of the woman’s role. Who will Titus choose, and will it be the right choice?

This book was released in April 2011
This book is from my own personal collection.

My Review
“The Journey” by Wanda E. Brunstetter is the first book of her 'Kentucky Brothers' series. This is a companion series to her 'Daughters of Lancaster County' series for we meet Titus who was born during the 'Daughters of Lancaster County' series. Actually the entire 'Kentucky Brother Trilogy' series deals with Fisher family once again. If one had not read the 'Daughters of Lancaster County' series then there is no worries for any events from that series that is mentioned is explained in the book, so it can be read without worries about the other books.

While reading this book, I have to say that locations jumped around to make the story much more interesting so please read those italicized letters for they state the location of where the scene is taking place. Though most times, just by the characters one can tell where the scene is taking place, but there were times I got a little lost especially when the characters were Timothy and Titus, who are twins.

I have read Ms. Brunstetter's series 'Daughters of Lancaster County' and loved seeing the characters again and how their lives have changed in the years between the series. It was almost as if I was visiting old friends again. This is not the first time I have read “The Journey” but I enjoyed as much if not more than the first time around that is for sure.

So much is going on for we see the points of view from Suzanne, Titus, and numerous other characters but they all have major parts in the story. The length of the story takes place over 8 to 9 months time, which adds a great deal of creditability to the story for things don't just happen just for the sake of a story. And normally I would give my thoughts on each of the main characters, but so much changes about them throughout the story that I just can't do that without giving things away for those who have not read this enjoyable book and series.

There is plenty of growth that happens for several of the characters throughout the entire story. Pain has been healed. Decisions reached after a great deal of thought and prayer. Lessons learned. Yet with all of that, I have to say that I couldn't help but have my heart break at the end of the story even with the ending being as it was. Though my heart broke there at the end, I know that it is was just setting up for the next book “The Healing”.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoy romance and Amish books.

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