Wednesday, April 15, 2015

"The Survivor" by Shelley Shepard Gray

About the Book
Mattie has faced more in her twenty-three years than she ever imagined possible.  Having successfully battled cancer, she's ready to reenter the world with hopes for her future.  But while she was in and out of hospitals, other Amish girls girls her age were courting and finding the men they would marry. he only man who's ever made her heart beat faster in Graham Weaver, her best friend, who has always been there to comfort her, in good time and bad.  Is it finally time for their friendship to become something more?
But cruel gossip is spreading, claiming that Graham's the father of the baby Jenna Yoder's carrying.  Will Mattie's dreams of a happily-ever-after be crushed before they've left the ground?

This book was released in August 2011
This book is from my own personal collection.

My Review
“The Survivor” by Shelley Shepard Gray is the third and final book in her 'Families of Honor' series and wow what an ending. This story wraps up the two story lines that started in “The Caregiver” then continued in “The Protector” with John and his romance along with Mattie and Graham.

I have to say that I truly enjoyed how these story lines were not something that was just thrown together for the stories have been twisting and turning from the first book and continued up to about the middle of the story when things started to finally smooth out some. Granted things were not always easy but at least things for the reader started getting clearer until things became crystal clear.

I must say that this might be the third book in a series that concludes story lines that have been in the other books, this I would have to say would be good stand alone book. Oh there are references to some things that happened in the prior books but really I felt as if things were explained so well that no one would be lost.

I have to say that we really get to see a lot more of what really makes John, Mattie, and Graham the way they way. Decisions need to be made, patience needs to be learned, communication needs to be opened up, choices need to be stood up for, and lessons are learned. These three plus a couple of other characters change so much through the story that really I couldn't even begin to describe them, for I would ruin so much about the story.

I have to say that like the other two books in this series, this book shows that Amish life is got its own problems. I have to say that there is one story that comes out is something that is faced by numerous other women almost everyday, and the way this character dealt with it, is something I see regularly with young women who are so uncertain about the future. I have to say that this story line was told with class and reality.

I strongly recommend this entire series to those who enjoy romance and/or Amish books for this is something different.

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