Wednesday, May 13, 2015

"Finally a Hero" by Pamela Tracy

About the Book 


Suddenly a Daddy

Jesse Campbell's determined to forget his past. He's moving to a dude ranch in Arizona to start getting his act together. Parenthood isn't part of the picture—until Jesse meets the son he didn't know he had. Now Jesse has some new goals: learning to be a good father—and a good man. The kind of man Eva Hubrecht, his boss's daughter, can trust. He knows Eva isn't happy about Jesse and Timmy coming to the Lost Dutchman Ranch, but the little boy soon starts to win her heart. Jesse can only hope that with time and patience, this rancher's daughter will find room in her life for him, too.

The Rancher's Daughters: Sisters find hope, love and redemption in the Arizona desert.

This book was released in April 2015
This book was a well loved library book that was reviewed.


My Review

“Finally a Hero” by Pamela Tracy is the first book of her series 'The Rancher's Daughters'. This was an alright book but had some problems at least in my eyes.

I am going to start off with what I enjoyed about the book. The writing itself was pretty good for there wasn't anytime when I felt as if I was being bogged down with useless details or left wondering about what was going on because of too few details. The characters are complex with some interesting back stories while one is not complex but that is okay for it worked well. It was easy to like the different characters and hard to pin point the bad guy right off.  The story itself was great with one subject and lacking in another.

I love stories where there is an ex-con who is trying to turn their life around and honestly this was a great story in that aspect. So much is thrown at the ex-con of the story that honestly, I think almost anyone would have given up and taken off, but not this character. This character stuck it out and of course as to be expected (and I am not saying that in a bad way for I read fictional romance stories for the happy ending) everything worked out perfectly for this character. Things were cleared up, explained and dropped all the way around.

What I, personally, didn't care for was how unrealistic the story was. One character went from distrust and not wanting the other character around due to finances, and tired of dealing with people like this other character, to suddenly in a few weeks to love without understanding really how it got there. There was no chemistry between the two main characters and no real interaction between the two main characters until the last third of the book it seems. Then somehow in that last third of the book a chemistry developed and interaction only increased slightly.

All of the above problems is why I didn't care for the book more. I love romances with the happy ending, and that is why I read them. I can believe some love at first sight stories that take place over a few weeks but that was not the case with this story. I know that sometimes a sense of realism needs to take a back burner enjoy a story after all they are fictional stories so the author is given a lot of lee way but this was more than that to me.

Again I enjoyed the story of the ex-con for that was extremely well developed and everything that happened in that story line felt has if it could happen, just the romance aspect really fell short to me. I hope that those who read the book enjoys it.