Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Wagon Train Reunion by Linda Ford

About the Book

Second-Chance Courtship 

Abigail Black had no choice but to break Ben Hewitt's heart years ago. Her parents had picked another, wealthier groom. Now widowed and destitute, she's desperate to leave her old life behind. The wagon-train journey to Oregon is full of dangers, but she'll face anything—even Ben—for a fresh start. 

Ben knows better than to trust Abby again. Between her family's snobbery and his family's protectiveness, avoiding her should be easy. Yet he's still moved by Abby's sweetness and beauty…along with a sadness and strength he never noticed in her before. Forgiving past wrongs would be a struggle—but the hardest struggle would be letting Abby go once more.

Journey West: Romance and adventure await three siblings on the Oregon Trail


This book released in April 2015
This was a well loved library book that was reviewed

My Review

“Wagon Train Reunion“ by Linda Ford is the first book in the continuous series 'Journey West'.  I have put off reading this book for as long as possible, so that I would have less time to wait between this first book and the last book.

This book is really different than most books I have read in the past, for there more flashbacks than usual.  Actually it seemed there for the first half to two-thirds of the book was equal parts flashback as in the present time of the story telling.  Sometimes flashbacks are not written well with other stories, but this time around, the flashbacks were written so well that they really enhanced the story and helped explain so much of what was going through both Abigail and Ben both then and now.

This is a story of second chances.  Second chances for everyone on the wagon train and maybe, just maybe second chances for Abigail and Ben.  Both are stuck with something in the past.  One is stuck in what happened between them so many years ago and the other even further back.  To be able to free themselves from the past they must be willing to face it and search what they are wanting now.

Abigail is a woman who has done what she felt that she must, regardless what the cost is to herself.  She is a woman who can handle a lot of stress for she deals with her mother without complaint (frankly she should get sainthood for that alone), always willing to help those around her, tries to do her share of the work, and battles her own emotions.  Abigail is also a woman who knows what she wants for her future.

Ben is a man who takes his responsibilities very seriously, and he is so determined to protect himself from the past.  As the train moves forward things happen to where he has no choice but to face the past, while helping those who need.  It how he handles everything that really shows his true character.

There is a series story line that is going to drive me up a wall until the villain is exposed.  Honestly there are so many who could be the villain, though I don't buy the person accused at the end of this book.  There are several reasons why I don't buy that this is the guilty party, but I can only explain one reason and that his because he is the hero of the second book.  There are some pretty big reasons other than that but if I went into them then I might be giving something away.

This is a wonderful start to the series and I look forward to reading the other books.