Saturday, September 20, 2014

"Song on the Prairie" by Vickie McDonough

About the Book

A Runaway New Mother...

Janie Dunn's dreams of being an opera singer suddenly dim when, at her dying cousin's request, she flees Boston with her cousin's newborn son to protect him from his abusive father.  She moves to Kansas to live with her brother, who poses as her husband to protect her identity, lest the baby's father seek her out.  But it's hard living a lie, even more so the closer she grows to her neighbors on the prairie

A Widower Missing His Children...

Aaron Harper lost his wife four years ago in a tragic accident.  Without a mother to help raise and educate his two children, Aaron sent them to live with his brother and sister-in-law in Windmill, a few hours' train ride from his family's homestead, to attend the local school.  Yet Aaron regrets seeing his son and daughter so rarely.  He yearns to have them under his roof again, but without someone to educate them, it's an impossible scenario.

A Past That Seem Irreparable...

Life takes a dire turn for Janie when her brother dies.  The Harper family turns out to be the greatest  blessing - particularly the handsome Aaron Harper, who keeps the farm running in her brother's absence.  But Janie knows his help is only temporary.  Is a marriage of convenience to Aaron Harper the answer to both their problems?  And is Kansas far enough away from Boston that she is safe fro the baby's vengeful father?  Or will he come after her and expose the secret she's worked so hard to conceal?

"Song on the Prairie" was released in July 2014
The was a well loved library book that was reviewed

My Review of "Song of the Prairie"

“Song of the Prairie” by Vickie McDonough is the third and final book in the 'Pioneer Promises' series, and if I had to choose which of three that I liked the most (for I enjoyed them all) I would say this book was the best. There was just something different about this book that made it so hard to put down for any reason whatsoever. I hated seeing the book come to an end because it seems like the hours just flew by while reading it and frankly when the end came, I felt as if I just settled down to read.

Yes this is third book in the series, and I was asked I would strongly suggest reading “Whispers on the Prairie” and “Call of the Prairie” first, but this book can also stand being read and enjoyed without the others. The reason I suggest reading the other books first is because they help give a better insight of Aaron and what all he has been through over the years. However, there is enough information about Aaron in this book that really helps to give the reader what they need if someone hasn't read the other books as well.

Here is a story with secrets, hurts, love, and so much more that has been woven into this story of truths told, healing, trust and the making of a family. The secrets are done with a purpose of protecting a child, though the secrets maybe something that is bothering Janie she keeps up the pretense. The hurts of the past are on both sides as we learn more and more about Janie and Aaron, and those hurts help make each of them they way they are in the present. The undeniable love that is shown in this story is there from the beginning when it comes to Aaron and Janie with their own kids. Aaron wants the best for his kids above all else, but he misses them, while Janie will do everything in her power to protect Benjy.

This story moves forward constantly with this tension that something is going to happen at any moment, but there is not the focus on that really. There is the uncertainty of what is happening with Benjy's father in Boston and whether or not he will ever discover where his child is. The knowledge that secrets will come out but always wondering when was what helped with that constant tension that is felt through the book. The romance that develops, which it does since it is a romance book, is slow and really doesn't overpower everything else that is going on, making it sweet and so tender.

I enjoyed watching the struggles of blending a family of that time, for it was not easy or smooth, much like it is today. There is a struggle that seemed realistic and the finding a path that works helped with that feeling that life is not always picture perfect. It was watching the family that was finding their way through all the ups and downs that helped create the beauty of this story. Then there was never one complaint from the character who had to give up something that meant so much to them, but instead they kept moving forward in order to have a happy life and all that it meant. Only complaints really that could be found was from some of the smaller characters but that is actually understandable.

I found the use of horse manure to be humorous and well I couldn't help but laugh out loud. The way the scene was created, well the image that I came away with was beyond humorous and was one of the best scenes I have read in the last week. There were several other moments in the book where I found myself laughing, then there were times when I found myself crying as to what was going on. The moments when I wasn't laughing or crying I was so into the book that I couldn't turn away even when things didn't go quite the way I thought a scene was going to go.

I so thoroughly enjoyed this book and I hope that all who read this book enjoy it as much as I did.

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