Monday, October 6, 2014

"When Love Gets in the Way" by Janelle Mowery

About the Book

Grace Bradley wishes all she touches would turn to gold. Instead, it tends to tarnish...that is, until she finds freedom on the Double K Ranch. Grace is fleeing from the man her father chose to be her husband. But once her heart is captured by her new employer's best friend, and she finally understands the meaning of God's sacrificial love, she relinquishes her independence to save her loved ones.

Cade Ramsey contemplates running for dear life from the accident-prone nuisance he brought to his hometown. The trouble that trails her seems to latch on to him at every turn. But when Grace manages to win his calloused heart, he chases her down, praying he can keep her from following through on a decision that could ruin their lives.

An adventurous novel of faith, hope, and love in the Wild West.

About This Series: Straight from the heart of the Old West, the Colorado Runaway series is full of adventure, humor, and romance by award-winning novelist Janelle Mowery.

This book was released in October 2011
This was a well loved library book that was reviewed

My Review

“When Love Gets in the Way” by Janelle Mowery is the second book in her 'Colorado Runaway Series' and just as attention grabbing as the first book “When All My Dreams Come True”. We again meet all several of the characters from “When All My Dreams Come True” as well as several new characters. This story is about Cade Ramsey who we did meet in the first book, and there learned a little about his past history. It is not important to have read the first book, for the important information is repeated in a different way so that the reader is kept up-to-date on what is needed.

Here is another book full of humor but in a completely different way then the first book. Here I found myself laughing on a regular basis because of actions not so much because of words said, and most times it was completely unintentional as well. This laughter again it appears was used to help diffuse the tension that the villains caused, not to mention it gave some really good ideas into the various characters personalities.

The villain or villains of the story is again not quite what is to be expected. Alright in full disclosure one villain is easy to see for this character gave me the creeps from the moment that they were introduced, but just how much of a villain though is one question I wondered throughout the whole story. Then there is direction towards to others who may or may not be a villain as well, so this reader was left wondering who really is causing all the problems and who wasn't. The twists and turns that this took is amazing and surprising for that was one of the reasons I just couldn't put the book down.

Cade Ramsey is a man that has a soft and tender heart for people and animals, not to mention he is a man of strong faith. He is willing to do what he thinks is right, regardless what other might think. He fights to protect those around who are in need, and is always there with a willing hand whenever he is needed. He is a man who is trying to get over the past for things haven't been easy for him, but he is willing to work on it.

Grace Bradley is a woman who just wants to do what she would like to do without someone else telling her what to do, but also knows when she has to give in at the moment, while she tries to figure out another way to get through things. There are some very good reasons why she has left like she did to hide away in Cade Ramsey's wagon, and she has reasons for everything else she does. Grace may not be the most graceful person around at least one person, but her heart is pure gold that is for sure, and she learns a few important lessons on this journey of hers.

The way the whole story is told, with things moving swiftly both in things happening and time wise, it is easy to get lost in the book. There is not the same level of violence that was seen a couple of times in “When All My Dreams Come True” but all the goings on is just as unsettling as well. Everything that is happening is a background kind of thing, yet serves the purpose. I found myself unable to put the book down, for I was laughing, cringing, and a few time crying. The characters are all so well written it was as if I was visiting some good friends, and I felt for them as things happened, and rejoiced when good news came along the way.

I really hope that all who read this book enjoy it as much as I have that is for sure.

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