Saturday, November 15, 2014

"Cowboy Under the Mistletoe" by Linda Goodnight

About the Book

Second-Chance Christmas

It's been nine years since Jake Hamilton broke Allison Buchanon's heart and left town. But she's never been able to forget the high school boy she secretly loved. Now Jake's come home to care for his ailing grandmother, and Allison's family will do anything to prevent a rekindled romance. Unfortunately, the connection between Allison and the green-eyed cowboy is undeniable. She believes that forgiveness is possible, especially at Christmas. But Jake cares too deeply about Allison to take her away from the close-knit Buchanon clan. Will Allison have to choose between a loving family and the love of her life? 

The Buchanons: Steeped in loyalty, bound by family.

This book was released in November 2014
This was a well loved library book that was reviewed

My Review

“Cowboy Under the Mistletoe” by Linda Goodnight is the first book of her new series 'The Buchanons' and woo doggie it is a dozy of a first book filled with stubbornness and more heartache than a Christmas story should have.

I have to say that at times the book seemed to move pretty slowly but I almost think that maybe this book is setting up for some pretty big stories to come in the series. With that thought in mind I continued on with the story even though it did seem too slow at times. When I finished the book, I was in tears, both sorrow and happiness, to where now I can't wait for the future books. So if anyone reading the book wonders if it is worth it, I would say in my personal opinion it most certainly is worth the time it takes to read it until the end.

We are introduced to the Buchanon family here and what they do for a living plus a little of the pain that has happened in the past, now that is a story that I can't wait for it to come out with the other party. So there is Charity, Quinn, Sawyer, Dawson, Brady, Jayla and Allison, with Charity the only married sibling so I am hoping that we get to see all the rest of them with their stories as the series progresses, or if we don't see each story, we get to watch them fall in love through their siblings eyes.

Allison is compared to Pollyanna several times in the book but I don’t think that is all that great of a comparison for to me it seemed like she saw the good in everything and trusted God to take care of everything else. Pollyanna would have been open about all the things that Allison wasn't completely open about, but I completely understand Allison as to why she kept things to herself. Here her heart is so easy to see, not just because we see her point of view, but there is just something about her that makes it easy to see that her heart is huge, but she is not a push over either. She has spunk and a bit of a cowardice within her, but then again don't we all.

Jake is a man who is completely different than the teenager that he was, for life has changed him in numerous ways. There is a bit of a struggle that Jake is going through with some new changes in his life, but finally things become clear for him with one of those struggles, while another is something he doesn't see how to do anything about it except for one thing that he really doesn't want to do. Jake is a man who puts other peoples feelings ahead of his own, with the feeling that it is what he deserves. Jake shows how responsible he is and where his priorities are as well.

Though Christmas Day is not the main focus of this story, the season plays a big part in a subtle way. The message of forgiveness is such a big part of the season, and this is a great book that shows how people are affected when it is withheld and given freely. Planks were removed from eyes, olive branches extended and over all joy was there at the end of the book, as it should.

This really is a wonderful book to read for the holidays, but man is it going to be tough waiting for the next book that is for sure. I hope that all who read this book enjoys it like I did.