Sunday, November 16, 2014

"North Country Dad" by Lois Richer

About the Book

The Mommy Plan

Widower Grant Adams loves his twin stepdaughters, but what does he know about pigtails and dresses and being a full-time dad? With his new job in a remote Canadian center for troubled boys, Grant needs a good nanny. But when he meets Dahlia Wheatley, who's loving, patient and kind to his girls, he realizes the twins need more than a sitter—they need a mother. With her own harrowing past, Dahlia is as reluctant to get emotionally involved as Grant is. Yet his startling proposition just may form a happy new family of four. 

Northern Lights:  On the edge of the Arctic, love awaits

This book was released in October 2014
This was a well loved library book that was reviewed

My Review

“North Country Dad” by Lois Richer is another wonderful installment of her 'Northern Lights' series, yet no worries for this is the perfect stand alone book. I have to say that I really love how there is not only the hero and heroine that the story focuses on but there is almost always one of the boys at Lives is the a big part of the story too.

I would like to give warning to all those time-line fanatics like myself, there is no time-line error in the story, it just takes place in Canada. What I mean is that it talks about getting ready for Thanksgiving, and so being American I am thinking the fourth Thursday of November being Thanksgiving, then a few chapters later it states that it is November 11. Oh boy my head was about to explode for I am thinking the time-line has some MAJOR issues here until it dawned on me this is in Canada, so I googled when Canada celebrates Thanksgiving. Well I found my answer which is about mid October, and let me say that just settled my time-line unease for everything lined up just fine. Ok I had to check but it was bugging me to think that kind of mistake, which wasn't a mistake, could have slipped through so many editing sessions not to mention all the other readers for that could have been a huge error.  I am use to overlooking little things but when something catches my attention like this did I check it out and normally contact the author privately with the error, and I am so glad I didn't make a fool out of myself with this book by contacting Ms. Richer with a non time-line error.

This is also a story that is not centered around the Christmas holiday but boy it does have the same meaning throughout the months that the story takes place. The message is that God loves us no matter what and that He is always there for us, so much that He sent His only beloved Son for us. Also we are human and we are going to make mistakes and I so loved how the message of God's unconditional love was given as an example. I was just thrilled when I heard Pastor Rick talk about God loves us, His children, as we love our own children regardless what they do. I have used this example myself that no matter what we do God will always love us and never turn His back on us, just like we will always love our children and never turn our back on them.

I found the three main characters, Grant, Dahlia, and Arlen, all share something yet that shared feeling has come from different events in their past. I saw this common feeling among them but yet they each felt a different reaction to those feelings. One felt so guilty they couldn't seem to overcome the anger they felt, another decided that they couldn't be what they were needed to be, while the last one felt as if they had to accomplish this great task completely by themselves.

I so enjoyed watching the three of them discover the truth about themselves, in each their own way. In a strange way they didn't give up on each other yet they each stood on their own two feet to learn what they needed to learn to overcome their past hurts and pains. I think it was because they didn't give up on the others, yet learning on their own is what really touched my heart and made me enjoy this story so much. I also hope that all who read this book enjoys it as much as I have and walk away from the book thinking about something that was discovered by each reader as if it was meant for them.

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