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"Huckleberry Spring" by Jennifer Beckstrand

About the Book 

Nothing gives Anna and Felty Helmuth greater satisfaction than seeing their grandchildren happily married--except for planning their next matchmaking venture. And as springtime comes to Huckleberry Hill, Wisconsin, the air is filled with promise. . .

Ever since the Helmuths' grandson, Ben, abruptly broke his engagement and moved to Florida, Emma Nelson has kept busy tending her vegetable garden and raising award-winning pumpkins. She can put her heartache aside to help Ben's Mammi with her own pumpkin patch. At least until Ben shows up to lend support to his ailing Dawdi. . .

Gardening side by side with pretty, nurturing Emma is a sweet kind of torture for Ben. She could have her pick of suitors who can offer what he can't, and he cares too much to burden her with his secret. Leaving once more is the only option. Yet Emma's courage is daring him to accept the grace that flourishes here, and the love that has been calling him back to Huckleberry Hill. . .

This book was released in January 2015
This is a well loved library book that was used for review

My Review

“Huckleberry Spring” by Jennifer Beckstrand is another wonderful book in her 'The Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill' series with the lovable Anna and Felty. Besides the antics of Anna and Felty going on, this is a story that I have to say affected me on a very personal level. Though this book is part of a series, it is a perfect stand alone book that stands exceptionally well on its own. The only real connection to this book and the rest of the books in the series is Anna and Felty.

I have linked this part of my review to another page so that I don't actually ruin anyone's enjoyment of the book. However this is part of the book that affected me the most for deeply personal reasons that I feel that I must talk about it and what I have to say could possibly ruin the enjoyment of the story, though I do get into details I try to not to go into too many details. So this is where you can make your choice to read more by clicking on the Spoiler Alert link or continue below.

So now that all of that is out of my system, I can go on with the rest of my review.

I have to say that from the very beginning this story pulled me into it. I must say that Anna and Felty are two of my utmost favorite characters out of all the different books I have read over the years. I so hope I am like Anna when I grow up for she is just priceless. I love her outlook on her life for nothing seems to get her down, and she doesn't stop to wonder why she isn't ask things. Her love for her family is shown in her own ways and her family knows that these ways are her ways of loving them, so they love her all the more and go along with her.

Emma is a woman who is sweet and so sensitive to those around her. She is willing to do whatever she must for the happiness of her family and those she cares about, regardless how she might feel about it. There are things that just so totally endeared me to this character that I can't even describe it all without really, and I mean more than the above spoiler alert, spoiling this character. This young woman also has this incredible sense of humor that I was able to relate to under some pretty interesting circumstances. She really has a lot of growth throughout this story and it is wondrous to see her growth but I have to say it isn't easy to watch either for it is so painful at times.

Ben is a man who is hard to describe other than loving. Beyond that anything more might give too many details away about him and his story. Truly here is a man who I can only say is someone I actually related too more than almost any other hero in any other book (see spoiler if one must really know why). At times he is also way too stubborn for his own good thinking he knew what was best for everyone else. One thing that I didn't really care about Ben was that he kept way too much to himself, for he didn't allow anyone to help him in any way, shape or form.

This book starts with pain and heartache from the very beginning, and it seems as if the pain and heartache get worse before things start getting better. I was drawn into the story regardless of all those different emotions, to where I had to put the book down when in order to wipe my eyes so that I could continue to read, while not once thinking about NOT picking it up again for I had to see more. I knew there was going to be a happy ending (after all that is why I read fiction romance books) but I began to wonder about that happy ending for it just didn't seem right in my eyes. When I turned the last page to finish the book I was in awe of how things ended for I sure didn't see that coming at all.

We don't quite understand the conflict of the story for the vast majority of the book for the person who is holding on to the secret is keeping it very close to their chest. This conflict was something I sure didn't seem coming, and when the truth is revealed, it makes a world of sense then. I may not agree with logic used but I could understand the logic, and it really gave an emotional twist to the story. This vague conflict really is confusing for things just don't make sense at all when the truth is not known, but once it is out there things clear up. Anger and frustration were just two of the emotions I experienced for life isn't fair but this really seemed to be a cruel twist to the story that is for sure.

I really love 'The Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill' books for there is just something about them all. I wonder if the reason why I look forward to them is because of Anna and Felty who are so creative and inspiration to at least this reader, for they love so deeply they are willing to do whatever needs to be done. It is Anna's antics that really get me for she is so certain that she is right

I hope all who read this book enjoys it as much as I did.

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Huckleberry Spring