Saturday, February 14, 2015

"The Rancher's City Girl" by Patricia Johns

About the Book 

Healing the Cowboy's Heart

When Cory Stone discovers the father he never met is gravely ill, he brings the ornery man to his Montana ranch, along with his round-the-clock nurse. Once again Cory finds himself falling for the wrong woman—a city slicker, like the ex-fiancée who broke his heart. But in Eloise LeBlanc, Cory also finds a kindred spirit. The caring beauty knows firsthand about love and loss. Neither of them is looking for a new romance, and Cory certainly isn't searching for love. But can the independent city girl heal the heart of a broken cowboy?

This book was released in January, 2015
This is a well loved library book that was used for review

My Review

“The Rancher's City Girl” by Patricia Johns is a wonderful story of healing. Healing from different areas of life, like being left behind, being lied to, and our own fears. These facets of the story were told in such a way that one could almost feel as if it had happened to them, if they didn't already live part of the story themselves.

Pain and heartache is part of life there is no denying that, and these characters are no different. I have to say that it was so nice to see the different characters experiencing what they were without things being overly exaggerated. Sometimes these kind of issues can be made too understated or overstated to help make a point in the story while pushing the limit on when it is too much or not enough, but here there was a nice balance of emotions.  With that balance it made it so easy to put for this reader to put herself in the characters shoes.

There are three main characters in this story, while we only see the point of view from our hero, Cory Stone and our heroine, Eloise LeBlanc which seems to cover the third character quite nicely. The third character I have to say is quite complicated, with more layers than an onion it seems like. At first I wanted to dislike the third character for there didn't seem a whole lot to be liked about them, but as the layers came off, this character began to change in my eyes. By the end of the book I was just sad for this character, plain and simple.

Cory is a man who knows what he wants out of life, and when life throws him a major loop he works with it, instead of fighting it. Here is a man who is hard working, has some issues to deal with, continues to work while finding time to deal with the issues that have come up without bitter feelings taking over. This is a man who is sure of himself while at the same time completely unsure of himself, which though might seem contradictory it happens with this young man.

Eloise is a woman who has decided to follow God into a job that most might seem as depressing, but she has this incredible heart and does her job wonderfully even if she does step over the bounds at times. Eloise has her own issues and looking for answers while she goes about things without bitterness that could so easily over take her. She seems to have this ability as to when to step in and then when to step back and let things happen on their own.  She is searching for answers when she has time and at times she isn't all that sure of the answers she is getting.

So many times in the story I thought bitterness might overwhelm one of the characters but thankfully it never does. I think if it had overtaken one of the characters it would have distracted something from the story, for this is a story of hope. Hope for understanding. Hope for a future that is better than the past. Hope for forgiveness. Things are not easy by any means for there are some pretty big issues that need to be ironed out, and it was through discovery that things finally fell into place.

Things don't go smoothly at all for anyone but in the end it all works out wonderfully. I hope all who read this book enjoys it as much as I did. I look forward to reading more by Ms. Johns for she is a wonderful author who knows how to keep a reader interested in a story with characters who are down to earth.