Thursday, April 30, 2015

"Heaven Sent Husband" by Gilbert Morris

  Due to a large purchase at my local library book sale, I will be alternating between a new book that I get from the library, and a book that I purchased.  I think that I have gone through all of the older Christian library books anyway so I am hoping that this will give them a chance to stock up on books I haven't read yet.  I am sure that there will be new books I have missed over the summer that I can read during the winter time.  I will let people know if the book I am reviewing is an older book.  The older books will be ones that really touched my heart and I think worth keeping and re-reading in the future.

About the Book

Between her dedicated nursing at Mercy Hospital and plans to be a missionary in India, Ketura Lindsey had no time to think about marriage. But to follow God's plan, she had to acknowledge that love was part of His higher purpose for her life. Yet did He really intend her to find wedded bliss with her high school nemesis, Jared Pierce?
Jared, the star of the baseball team, had hurt tall, gangly Ket with his teasing. Now an intern at Mercy, he was a constant presence in her heart and mind. But would Jared, who dated beauty queens, ever notice-let alone propose to-a plain Jane?

This book was released in April 2005
This book is from my own personal collection.

My Review

“Heaven Sent Husband” by Gilbert Morris is the first book I have ever read by this gentleman and frankly I was blown away for several reasons.

The first reason is because I always steered away from Mr. Morris books thinking that he couldn't possibly write a decent romance that I would like, but now I am seriously rethinking that for I just so completely enjoyed this book. I am going to look into a few other of his books just to see if I was completely wrong or if this book just hit a home run with me.

The second reason is that honestly I felt that this book was an absolutely wonderful fictional book with a great deal of imagination, after all that imagination is what it would take for this story to have come to life. This story as I read it, seemed magical while not having a shred of reality to it, but yet there was this element where even the die hard romantic couldn't help but wish that it was. I couldn't see this actually happening in real life (yes I enjoy stories that seem like they could really happen) but there was aspect to the story that I just enjoyed more than anything else. I then read the Note to the Reader from Mr. Morris at the end of the book, and I just couldn't help but sigh to see that maybe I was wrong.

Ketura is a woman whose faith is so strong that at first I wondered if maybe it was just an exaggeration but the more I read about Ketura the more I started second guessing my first impression. Yes her faith is strong, and has made me wonder if I would be so courageous as she was, if I was given the same task, but yet I found her questions to be so real for I know I would have been the same way. Here is a woman who has her own flaws as well that we see fairly early on, which makes her seem more down to earth as well.

I have to say that I found that the story was mostly told from the point of view of one of the characters, in the third person, with the other character's point of view when it was needed. I found this way of telling the story to be interesting and compelling at the same time for though I believed this to be completely fiction, it gave it more of a feel of a friend telling you their story with the added input from another character who didn't want to take away too much from the story-teller. Then it was the way that the story-teller was speaking that made it hard to stop reading.

If anyone is able to get their hands on this book, it is really worth reading it. I am so glad that I rescued this book from a yard sale, for this is certainly a keeper.