Friday, November 21, 2014

“Alaskan Sweethearts” by Janet Tronstad

About the Book

A Match Made in Alaska

Hunter Jacobson wants no part of his grandfather's matchmaking. The lone cowboy is certain that's what the old man is doing when he trades part of their Montana ranch for Scarlett Murphy's claim to an old Alaska gold mine. Or is he running one of his legendary scams on the sweet single mom? A trip to Dry Creek, Alaska, reveals the truth—and brings Hunter and Scarlett face-to-face with a past family feud and a vulnerable present. But surprisingly it's the future that intrigues Hunter most…if he can get Scarlett to make him her groom. 

NORTH TO DRY CREEK: The road to Alaska is paved with love

This book was released in October 2014
This is a well loved library book that was reviewed.

My Review

“Alaskan Sweethearts” by Janet Tronstad is the first book in her 'North to Dry Creek' series and it is an interesting one at that. Honestly I am not that sure where this series is going to take place in the future and which family is going to be the main focus. I can this new series taking place in Dry Creek, Alaska or Montana and I really would love to see what happens with the siblings in the Jacobson and Murphy families for both set of siblings sound like they all deserve their own happy family.

About the only thing I didn't care about the story, and this is a complete and total personal like ~ nothing more and nothing against the author ~ is that this story took place in under a week from first meeting until the end of the book. With the fact in mind, this is a pretty good book that I enjoyed a lot even with the fact I don't care for the quickie romances.  That in my opinion really says something about the authors talent to weave a wonderful story and it was wonderful for I got lost in the story.

Now with that said the way the story is told it is hard to dislike the book for both Hunter and Scarlett spend a lot of time together because of a reason, that I really can't get into without spoiling anything. During their time together a lot of things are discovered about each other and themselves. Nothing seemed as if it was being rushed or forced, but instead it almost seemed as if both Hunter and Scarlett had been discovering things for themselves somewhat and this story just really sped things up for the both of them on the inside.

While I didn't get the sense that I really knew the characters and who they are on the deep inside, what I did see of each of the characters though was enough to get the idea that they both put family first and do what they must to protect their loved ones. Even though I may not have personally felt as if I got to know the characters deep enough, I sure didn't feel as if I was cheated some way or that I was reading some flat characters who had no depth. In fact I thought that these characters were pretty well rounded with all that was in the book.

I found the message of trust to be a big part of this story and I could understand why trust was not an easy thing to be given for each person who isn't trusting. There are some pretty big reasons there, that caused it to be hard to trust, and yet I found it really interesting in what was the cause for the trust to develop and how it developed. I found that this one of the most interesting aspects of the story for I was wondering what was it going to take for the trust to be given, and wasn't expecting the moment when the trust was extended without a second thought.

I hope all who read this book enjoys it as much as I did.