Wednesday, November 19, 2014

"High Country Holiday" by Glynna Kaye

About the Book

A Holiday Reunion

When Cody Hawk returns to Canyon Springs, Arizona, to make peace with his ailing father, his bad-boy reputation is still intact. So is his love for the woman he was forced to leave behind. But the privileged Paris Perslow is still off-limits. When Paris needs his help with the annual holiday gala, Cody braves the town's disapproving glances for a second chance with his first love. Years ago Cody promised he'd return for her. But with everyone and everything against them, what will it take to prove to Paris that his love is the perfect gift?

Would like to say that the website is out of date it appears

This book was released in November 2014
This was a well loved library book that was reviewed

My Review

“High Country Holiday” by Glynna Kaye takes us back to Canyon Springs in this tale of anger, hurt, forgiveness, and trying to make sense of the past. I found this story to be one of those stories where I just wanted to slap people around because of their attitudes, alright I know they are fictional people and I am a Christian but really read this book and see what I mean, for others might be feeling the same thing.

Paris is a young woman who is trying to figure several things out in her life, and trying to figure out where she is going. Her heart though is there for all the world to see, and in some ways I wonder if she wasn't being taken advantage some in this story. Granted what I think of her being taken advantage of, is part of the plan for the over all story, but still it just shows a little more about Paris' character. Please don't get me wrong she is not some push over who is going to roll over when push comes to shove, for she does indeed have a backbone.

Cody, oh here is a hero that my heart just ached for from the moment I started to read his point of view on page 10 (larger print book) and throughout the entire book I was rooting for Cody. There are things that have shaped Cody into the man that he is now, and who he doesn't want to be. We are given little hints here and there about what happened in his past and then to see his present day, it is just a testament to what being determined and the love of good people can do in a person's life.

There is a truth that has been hidden for too many years that when it is revealed the effects are far reaching with misunderstandings and suspicion. When the truth is revealed finally, things are not that easy, but as always when the truth is revealed there is a freedom in moving beyond what has been hidden. There is work that is need to done in completely moving on, but by the end of the book there is enough progress to know that a happy ending is going to be there (and lets face it, this is a fictional book where there should always be the happy ending).

The Christmas season is a good and bad time for one of the characters due to the past memories, but over all the Christmas season is just the time setting for the book, but the message of Jesus coming for all is there. I also did enjoy the message that even Jesus didn't have money so there was no one out of Jesus' and God's reach if we accept that love. This may not have very noticeable but I came away from this book with that message.

Hopefully all who read this book will walk away from the book with something special for them with the holiday season just around the corner, and enjoy this book like I have.