Monday, November 17, 2014

"The Guy Next Door" by Missy Tippens

About the Book

From Friend to…Fiancé?

Stalwart and steady, Darcy O'Malley has been by Luke Jordan's side since childhood. She has seen him through trials and tragedies, romances and breakups. They've been everything to each other—except boyfriend and girlfriend. Why ruin a good thing? What Luke can't explain, however, is why suddenly Darcy's presence is making his heart beat so hard. Something has changed since he left Appleton, and it's making him uneasy. Is it possible his best friend is meant to be something more? Dare he risk their perfect friendship in the hopes of finding his perfect wife?

This book was release in October 2014
This was a well loved library book that was reviewed

My Review

“The Guy Next Door” by Missy Tippens is a book that is full of family, friendship and that attraction between girl and guy that just makes a romantic, like myself, sigh with contentment. There is conflict, don't get me wrong, but this story almost felt as if I walked into the middle of something yet I didn't feel lost at all with how the story was told.

Here is a story where two people have been the closest and best of friends for so long that one of them is blinded by what is front of them. It is that struggle between both of them that makes for the conflict.  Then there is that long awaited kiss really which was worth the way until someone really needed a royal kick in the pants. Really I was on pins and needles for that first kiss for I knew it was going to be something really special when it finally happened and it was in my opinion until someone opened their mouth and ruined the moment which frankly made me laugh for it was such a special moment and the one who ruined the moment stayed true to form too.

This is also a wonderful eye opener to stop taking loved ones (family and friends) for granted. We need to think of them, to be there for them, to forgive and love them no matter what. Sometimes things happen that out of our control, then there are the times when we think we have so much time that we put things off.  However, this is a wonderful story to remind us to make sure we live for today, to spend time with loved ones and to stop being afraid and to take that risk for the pay off might just be worth it. It is was when characters stopped being afraid and took the time to grab the moment that so much was cleared up.

Darcy is the typical girl next door who is not so much a girl but a woman who is warm, giving, loving, and overworked at the same time. She does all she can to stick to her self imposed plan but she is willing to make changes when something really important comes up. Darcy is a woman who knows how to value her family and friendships, where things have value and has a hard time just dropping something without having someone there to pick up where she left off.

Luke is a man who values his family and getting his career going, though family comes first. Luke has plans for his future, with a lot of high hopes, yet he is not so set in those plans that he can't go with the flow when things are changing on him. His emotions go through some pretty big changes all within reason of what is going on throughout the story.

I truly found myself glued to the book with the classic girl/guy next door story with some twists to where it seems as if I read this book in record speed. There was something about the attraction that was there in the book that just hooked me with the book, for this wasn't that typical sexual attraction but something deeper it seemed. The attraction seemed more to the inner self of the other person, and it seems as if the attraction is now being seen through new eyes. This attraction really did seem to jump off the page at times. Regardless of that I would still allow my neighbors young teen read this book if she wanted for there was nothing that I thought would be inappropriate.

I hope all who read this book enjoys it as much as I did.