Sunday, February 15, 2015

“Big Sky Cowboy” by Linda Ford

About the Book

The last thing Cora Bell wants is a distracting cowboy showing up on her family's farm seeking temporary shelter. Especially one she is sure has something to hide. But she'll accept Wyatt Williams's help rebuilding her family's barn—and try not to fall once again for a man whose plans don't include staying around.  

Since leaving his troubled past behind, Wyatt avoids personal entanglements. He just wants to make a new start with his younger brother. But there's something about Cora that he's instinctively drawn to. Dare this solitary cowboy risk revealing his secrets for a chance at redemption and a bright new future with Cora by his side?  

MONTANA MARRIAGES: Three sisters discover a legacy of love beneath the Western sky

This book was released in October 2014
This is a well loved library book that was used for review 

My Review

“Big Sky Cowboy” by Linda Ford is the first book in her 'Montana Marriages' series and an interesting start to the series. Here is a story of second chances, hope and plenty of hope, that I found so sweet and endearing. There was nothing overly new in this type of story line but yet, there are some twist and turns in this story that made it worth reading and so enjoyable.

There are some very good reasons why Wyatt keeps his past to himself like he does, even if I don't agree with it, but different times means different thoughts and actions. Even though I may not like him keeping his past to himself like he does, there are things that really set him apart from other hero's. His deep love and determination to help his younger brother get over the past, and the fact that he seems to put other people's feelings ahead of himself. It seemed as if Wyatt's brother was the most important thing to him, and wanted to help him in any way, if even if that meant doing something he wasn't all that sure about.

With Cora there is something about this heroine for she has her problems but she is stubborn as well. At times I couldn't help but laugh at how stubborn she could be at times. She is fiercely protective of her family and tries to do everything in her power to keep anyone in her family from any kind of hurt. Though she tries she is reasonable and knows sometimes things are out of her control, which hurts her deeply. Her faith is a shining beacon in this story for it hardly wavers but she is not someone who doesn't realize that things are not perfect in her life for she has her doubts about things along with her own fears.

I truly enjoyed this story for it was just right on a cold winter's afternoon, yet filled with so much hope for a brighter future. Things have not been easy for some of the characters with their past but to see how they have moved forward was something worth reading. It wasn't always easy as feelings sometimes stayed buried deep down, until they are released. When the release happened it didn't always happen at the best of times, but at least they were at the worst of times either. Hope just seemed to leap from the pages almost from the get go for humor was easy enough to find when others wouldn't have bothered to look for it. Hope was given in watching others for things to be better in the future. Hope was in how others reacted when secrets were revealed for there are more than one.

The love that is experienced in this story is more than just the sweet romantic type but of family as well. I loved the weaving of families in this story for really it touched on some points that even in this day we feel it to be true. Families mean everything and not everything is the way it looks. There is so many connections of love, love between siblings, love between parent and child and love of others.

I look forward to reading “Big Sky Daddy” and “Big Sky Homecoming” over the next few days. I am also interested in seeing how the series story line that I think is going to be a problem is resolved. I am not entirely sure if what I think is the series story line is going to in fact something that is going to be expanded on but I sure hope so for it sounds interesting.

I don't know how I missed out reading this book when it came out back in October but I did, and then sadly the second book came out at a time when I had other things going on. I guess though if one good thing of missing the first book, and being sick with the second book, is that now that the third book is out, I don't have to wait until I can read the next book in the series.

I hope all who read this book enjoys it as much as I have. 

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