Sunday, May 31, 2015

"A Family Found" by Laura Abbot

About the Book

What kind of man turned away a pregnant woman? Susannah Laine could tell that Nathan Sloane had demons to wrestle with, but so did she. She'd come to Lakemont to find out what her late husband had been doing there before his sudden death. And she wasn't leaving without an answer....

Susannah's occupancy of the cottage where his wife had lived before her death reawakened painful memories for Nathan. Still, he couldn't deny his attraction to Susannah, and reluctantly agreed to help in her search. But the truth they uncovered threatened their burgeoning romance. Could God now give Susannah the strength to overcome her past and embrace this second chance at happiness?

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This book was released in May 2015
This was a well loved library book that was reviewed

My Review

“A Family Found” by Laura Abbot is another wonderful book around a Montgomery sibling. Though it is connected to her other two Love Inspired Historical there is no worries about if one hasn't read them for this is a stand alone book. If my opinion matters though her other two books are worth reading as well.

This is a story full of challenges both physical and mental, that really push both Sophie and Tate beyond what they have done before. The physical challenge is agreed upon and prepared for, regardless of all the things that could go wrong and those who said it couldn't or shouldn't be done. The mental challenges are not something that can really be prepared for, however they are faced with a great deal of strength and courage. One of the themes through out the story is that one can do anything if they put their mind to it. What a great theme for so often themes seem to be forgiving someone, great over a loss, and/or returning to the fold of the church. Am I saying that none of these can be found through out this story, no not at all for one or more of those topics are part of this story.

Sophie is a woman who is determined to prove what she has set out to do. She knows that feels called to do what she is doing but to what purpose she doesn't rightly know and so there are there things she has to work out as well. Her story comes out through the story, and frankly it made me feel that much more about her. Sophie Montgomery is truly a strong female heroin for she is a lady of fine breeding when the need arise while at the same time has no fear of getting dirt under her nails. On top of that her heart is something that is visible to all who meet her and not only that and it is so hard not to feel something for her as well.

Tate Lockwood is a man who only wants his best for his sons even if that means hiring someone like Sophie. Here is a man with his own past haunting him, but yet he is trying to do what he must. As Tate's own full story comes out through out the telling of this story, one almost has to wonder how he turned out to be such a man, yet this reader couldn't help but rejoice for him being who he is. There is much for Tate to learn through the story, some that he fights against and some he is willing to try.

This story contends things that normally would be going against the socially acceptable norms for the 1879. These things are something that in our time of 2015 we wouldn't bat an eyelash at but at that time eyelashes are not only batted but frankly people do what they can to speak against things. I have to say that I really enjoyed how these worked out all in all. Some of these things nothing could be done about what happened, while others was told in such a way that showed a great deal of courage. I looked forward to an event in the story for it seemed like so much was riding on this one thing, and I didn't understand until it happened just how important that event was to the whole story.

I hope we will get to see more of the people in Estes Park for there are so many curious and interesting people within this small community.

I hope that all who read this book will enjoy it as much I did.