Monday, June 1, 2015

"Always Ready" by Susan Page Davis

About the Book

Semper paratus. Always ready. Caddie Lyle strives to live up to the motto of the Coast Guard—and her father’s legacy—as she carries out rescue missions. But when she discovers other career opportunities and meets Guardsman Aven Holland, her heart begins to pull her in different directions.

Aven is drawn to Caddie, too, but their duties allow little time together. As danger from Alaska’s coast and a secret from the past threaten their newfound love, will they be ready to trust God for a possible future together?

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This book was released in August 2009
This was a Kindle book in my personal collection

My Review

“Always Ready” by Susan Page Davis is a lovely Heartsong Presents that filled some time that I had before bedtime and this is a wonderful book that will give me some pleasant dreams I am sure.

This is a story of not giving on something that is truly worth it. Both Caddie and Aven had to decide what was important and worth trying to fight for. Over the time period of several months both of these character must continue with what they must yet make decisions. I really enjoyed how these two had to work at being together. It had a real touch of reality because of the different hurdles.

There is an interesting connection between Caddie and Aven which comes to light as they get to know each other. It wasn't harped on so it wasn't a real big part of the story but I thought that the connection that these two share was special and gave them something strong in common.

Both Caddie and Aven are determined people to do what they think is right even when those things are hurdles that must be jumped and they do. Together they have this great ability to work together even when not together. Sometimes things got hard for one character but they went through everything without complaint.

There is a conflict in the story other than the main thing of finding time, that had little clues all throughout the story. I don't think all the pieces were put together by the characters but they were there if a reader pays attention. I wont say that this book is a suspense book but there is a strong sense of something going on and trying to figure it out. The conflict was interesting and didn't over power the story thankfully.

I hope all who read this book enjoys it like I did.