Wednesday, June 3, 2015

“Texas Christmas Grooms” by Pamela Griffin & Vickie McDonough

About the Book

Can two grooms by lassoed in tie for Christmas?
Hearts are forever changed when retired Texas Rangers try their hands at matchmaking in by-gone days.  Will any of their absurd schemes work out as planned?
Erik Olson is shocked when Anna Campbell arrives in town with two small orphans in tow and declares they are brother's children.  Will Erik prove her claims false and see her gone by Christmas?
Travis McCoy is a nomadic photographer with no time to put down roots, find a wife and raise a family.  But when he enters Cut Corners, the temptations to change are strong and he has to keep reminding himself of his goal to leave by Christmas.
How far will the schemers of Cut Corners go to make sure four wild hearts are corralled by love and tamed by faith in time for Christmas?

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This book was released in December 2005
This was is book that is in my personal collection

My Review

“Texas Christmas Grooms” by Pamela Griffin and Vickie McDonough is a book I picked up at my local library book sale and such an interesting book. This is a book that is made up of two novella's that have me wondering if there are other books that go along with the novellas but it doesn't seem like it, however, sounds like there could be some interesting stories there.

The little blurb on the front of the book, “Two Charming Tales of Don't-Tie-Me-Down Men Who Are Each Lassoed by Unexpected Love” sums up the two stories perfectly for these two gentlemen are confirmed bachelors for life or so they thought. Both gentlemen are people who are excelling in their profession and seemingly content in their lives as they stand.

The former Texas Rangers who are now matchmaker's have their hands full that is for sure with Erik and Travis. To be honest though the stories didn't really focus on these former Texas Rangers and what they are doing but on the two possible couples. Stubbornness with both Erik and Travis is a theme that is through both novellas for man oh man are both of these men stubborn. Neither is willing to see beyond their plans it seems.

The young ladies of the stories though are lovely creatures who are determined in their own way, not out of stubbornness but out of necessity. Both have a family to think of above their own needs. One is the need of keeping siblings together, while the other is thinking of her own sibling(s). Both of the young ladies have warm hearts that can be seen under everything. One has a flaw that I can relate to and found her to be humorous and yet heartbreaking for really no one thought to look beyond the actions to the reason why she was the way she was.

These two novellas take place over short periods of time, but that is the way it is with novellas, and over all it didn't take anything away from the story. I read this book with one thought in mind, each novella wasn't that long and so it fit it with the time constraints that I had when I picked up the book. I am the type of reader who enjoys sitting down and reading a book in one sitting so I make the time to do just that when I pick up a book. If I am short on time (too close to my bedtime for example) I will pick up a book that has several novellas in it so that I can still be reading within those time constraints. I made time early one morning to read the second novella in this book for I just loved the telling of the first one and wanted to see what happened.

I hope those who read this book enjoys it as much as I did.