Tuesday, June 2, 2015

"Second Chance Hero" by Winnie Griggs

About the Book

To help his dying sister, Nate Cooper once broke the law—and he's regretted it ever since. Now the ex-con turned saddler hopes for a new beginning in Turnabout, Texas. So when Nate saves a young widow's daughter from imminent harm, he's shocked to be called a hero. 

Single mom Verity Leggett leads a safe life, avoiding danger and excitement at all costs. But her daughter's rescuer Mr. Cooper seems like a perfectly responsible—and handsome—man she can rely on. But when his secrets come to light, will Verity be able to get over his past and see Nate for the caring man he's become? 

Texas Grooms: In search of their brides…

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This book was released in May 2015
This book was a well loved library book that was reviewed

My Review

“Second Chance Hero” by Winnie Griggs is the sixth book in her 'Texas Grooms' series but also is a wonderful stand alone book. Yes we see one character from the first book, “Handpicked Husband” but more in the way of friend, counselor and confidant. We may here of other characters here and there but in passing as just like it would happen in any story within a town where everyone almost knows everyone.

As the title suggests this is a story of second chances not just for the hero but also for the heroin of the story even if she doesn't know that she needs that second chance.

We know that Nate has done something that ended up with him spending time in prison but what a twist as to why he ended up there and how that plays a huge part in the story. Through the story as his secret is revealed it is really hard to reconcile what he did with the type of person he shows himself to be throughout the entire story. Once everything is out, it is easy enough to reconcile the two then for emotions were such a powerful driving force for him then and in the present time of the story. Nate is a man who is honest but is considerate of those who could be the most harmed with his secret.

Then there is Verity, which I can sure my mind was saying it wrong, whose name is unusual, old fashion and well just perfect for this young widow. There is so much about Verity that really seems overly cautious but as her own back story comes out it is understandable. She is a woman who is always thinking of others, has this way about her that helps put everyone around her at ease, and is willing to help out where she is needed. There is quite a few lessons that she learns throughout the story.

As I said Nate is the holder of a secret, a secret that could harm another person but this secret hurt another because of the past that this person has themselves. It seems so often there is someone out to hurt the secret holder so they spread the secret, but this time that wasn't exactly the case. I actually thought the way the secret came out was perfect for it showed a characters true inner spirit. It was a risk to allow the secret to come out for some much could have happened yet those who heard the secret reacted normally yet showed a grace that really showed more spirit of those characters.

Second chances as I said for Verity and Nate happened by the end of the story, as is expected from a romance story, so no I don't feel as if I am giving anything away. As the story unfolds it was so hard not to fall in love with both of them and feel sorrow for their hardships as well. I hope all who read this wonderful book enjoys it as much as I did.