Friday, May 8, 2015

"A Rancher for Christmas" by Brenda Minton

About the Book  

A Family for Christmas

Raised on the run, free-spirited Breezy Hernandez has never stayed in one place too long. But now that she has joint custody of her late brother's twin daughters, she's determined to give them a stable home. Even if it means cooperating with the twins' bossy uncle. Texas rancher Jake Martin learned the hard way that women can't be trusted. But as he and Breezy care for the orphaned girls, Jake begins to open his heart. Is Breezy ready to put down roots in Martin's Crossing, or will she run from the one thing she's always wanted: a family?

Martin's Crossing: In this small Texas town, every heart finds a home

This book was released in December 2014
This was a well loved library book that was reviewed

My Review

“A Rancher for Christmas” by Brenda Minton is the first book in her 'Martin's Crossing' series. This is a book that take us from Oklahoma and the Cooper family to Martin's Crossing in Texas to the Martin family. There is a cross over character of Breezy Hernandez who we met in “The Cowboy Lawman”. If anyone is picking up Ms. Minton's book for the first time, no worries for though there is the cross over character this is a book that covers anything that is important and gives us a greater understanding of Breezy and the life she lived.

Here is a story that takes place over a short period of time but frankly I have gotten use to that when it comes to Christmas stories. I have apparently read this book when it came out but never wrote a review which is a shame. I think I read it during a time when things were so crazy, but I am writing a wrong now by writing the review. I enjoyed this story this time around as much as I did during the first reading. I thought I remembered some things as I read the story and figured I knew how certain things were going to turn out but apparently I remembered wrong which made me really glad to have read the book again before I picked up “The Rancher Takes a Bride”.

Here is a story of two un-trusting souls who are now forced to work together for the sake of two little orphaned children. It is that story that makes this whole story interesting for though both Breezy and Jake come from different backgrounds and have different trust issues, it is strange to see how similar they really are. Sure they most certainly have different backgrounds for one was constantly on the move while the other lived in the same home for as long as they could remember. Both have lost loved ones while children that affected them in very different ways, yet with the same result which is fear of others staying put. One fears that other is just going to go away while the other fears that everything is going to be yanked from them. To see what has caused these trust issues is really interesting and more interesting to watch the resolution of those trust issues.

There is an interesting little mystery that is going on. Part of the mystery is solved and I thought honestly that there was a whole lot more of the mystery that was solved in “A Rancher for Christmas” so I am left scratching my head wondering what is going on. I think I know what is going to happen but frankly now I am not so sure for I must be thinking of another book and story line. I am so curious as to see how this going to progress and what some of the minor characters are going to do in future books. There is one character that seemed strange to have such a part of the story unless there is more to come and I look forward to it if it works.

The happy ending is a given after all it is a romance book and it wouldn't be a romance book without that happy ending. The way the happy ending comes into completion is what really makes the story so interesting and wonderful. There is a something going on besides trying to figure out how to become a family. There is enough romance, action and just a tad mystery to keep a reader really interested in the story. I hated putting this book down each time I had to take care of laundry.

I hope all who reads this book enjoys it as much as I did.

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