Saturday, May 9, 2015

"The Rancher Takes a Bride" by Brenda Minton

About the Book  
His Secret Daughter

Duke Martin is a father! The former army medic is stunned when old love Oregon Jeffries tells him the news. Given his troubled past, the hardworking rancher and diner owner understands why Oregon kept his daughter a secret for twelve years. But now Duke desperately wants to make up for lost time. As he sets out to be a true father to Lilly, he soon realizes his feelings for Oregon are growing stronger. When Oregon's health falters, he's ready to care for her and prove that he's worthy of her love. Could this be Duke's second chance with the woman he never should have let get away?

This book was released in May 2015
This was a well loved library book that was reviewed

My Review

“The Rancher Takes a Bride” by Brenda Minton is the second book in her 'Martin's Crossing' series and it was a book I just couldn't put down. It solved one mystery while continuing with one story-line that I didn't realize was going to play through the series. I hope there is a resolution at some point with the questions this story-line has left behind.

Here is Duke's story and frankly a lot of answers were given. Looking back it seems as if there are a few very well placed and well hidden hints in “A Rancher for Christmas” that hinted towards this story but things didn't mesh quite right for them to make sense in that book, but it is all explained here in this book. I found the way everything was explained was just right for it wasn't too rushed and yet it didn't keep people guessing. I have to say that I was expecting one explanation when it was something totally different.

Again two un-trusting souls are a big part of this story, both have the same trust issue while being caused by very different reasons. Honestly some of this story-line seem to be so close to what was in “A Rancher for Christmas” but yet the way it was all set up it didn't seem like it was recycled story-line. It is obvious that the story-line was being set up in “A Rancher for Christmas” so it wasn't as if Ms. Minton didn't know what else to write so she recycled the last book plot. Also there is a reason why a character from this book, “The Rancher Takes a Wife” and from “A Rancher for Christmas” would have extremely similar trust issues, and I expect to see those trust issues again in her next book.

Decisions need to be made as to when things are going to be revealed for there are quite a few things that are revealed. So many decisions are needed: Decisions of acceptance or rejection. Decisions of bitterness or forgiveness. Decisions of letting go or holding on tight. Decisions of status quo or taking steps forward. Decisions of speaking the whole truth or holding things back. All of these decisions is just a part of what makes this book so interesting and attention grabbing.

I also enjoyed the story of single mom who puts her child's welfare above all else and does what she must. I loved how this mom made sure she let her child know that they were NOT a mistake even though she had made a mistake. It is never easy to make sure a child is a gift above all else even when the child's parents made a bit of a mistake. That is a fine line, but it seemed to have been straddled beautifully in this book.

I hope all who read this book enjoys it as much as I did. I am looking forward to reading Brody's story in the next book later this year.

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