Tuesday, May 5, 2015

"His Bundle of Love" by Patricia Davids

About the Book  


I would love to be a dad, to hold a sticky hand while we watch a ball game. But is Caitlin Williams's daughter coming into my arms at birth part of Your plan? Caitlin named me as the dad so her preemie could receive urgent medical care. That's why I brought the Williams women home with me until Caitlin gets back on her feet. I sense she's hiding something about her past—I wish she'd realize secrets can tear you apart.

Now I can't imagine my life without them. I've even proposed to Caitlin—for the baby's sake, of course. But convincing Caitlin to make the three of us a family will be no easy task.

This book was released in January 2006
This is a book from my personal collection that was reviewed

My Review

“His Bundle of Love” by Patricia Davids, according her Dear Reader in the back, is her first published novel. In the last two days, I have read her first published and her latest published and frankly without the Dear Reader, I wouldn't have realized it.  It is rare when a first published book is written so well that it is hard to tell the first from the last like this book.  The whole book was so well written that there was nothing missing for the characters were exceptionally well developed, the plot wasn't lacking any details, and the scenes were so well written without an overload or lacking of details.

Here is a story full of secrets, and some of the most heart wrenching moments I have read in a while. Life for Caitlin has not been easy and frankly it doesn't seem as if it getting any easier for her either from the very start of the story, yet sometimes she was the one making things harder for herself than they had to be. Caitlin's pride is bigger than most of the Rockies, but her heart is even bigger than that. She is hiding a secret though and it is a whooper of one too boot.

Then there is Mike who is put in a very interesting position and what he does shows his character. Oh this man is holding his own secret as well. Almost everything Mike does shows his faith and how Jesus loves everyone. Oh there is faults that come out as well, so that he is not some perfect and impossible man.

It seems from the start things just seem impossible for things to work out, with all the hurdles that must be crossed. Some of those hurdles are major, yet frankly at the same one knew things couldn't possibly end up the way that Ms. Davids made it seem like it was going. I say that they couldn't possibly end up the way it appears to be leaning is because frankly it wouldn't be for a good ending unless something really twisted happens. Well nothing twisted happened so things are all working good.

As Caitlin learned that there are some secrets that are not worth keeping for there can be some pretty big consequences. This is a great reminder that there are some things more important than a person's pride.

Regardless of all the secrets Caitlin is a woman who is strong and determined to do everything she has to in order to take care of her little baby. She overcomes so many issues yet at the same time there is God's hand is how some of those issues are overcome. It is how things are working out like they do that makes everything so beautiful but heartbreaking. Heartbreaking because of what was going on with Mike.

It might seem at times as if things are not moving forward but it is in the little things that shows how the story is indeed moving forward. At times it seems as if there is some steps backwards but they are important to the story and the wonderful ending.

This is a book that is you are able to get your hands on then it is well worth the reading. I totally enjoyed this book and hope all who do read the book will enjoy it as much.