Thursday, May 7, 2015

“The Cowboy's Forever Family” by Deb Kastner

About the Book  

His Best Friend's Baby 

Widowed and pregnant, Laney Beckett wants nothing to do with stubborn rodeo cowboy Slade McKenna. But avoiding her late husband's best friend is nearly impossible now that Slade thinks Laney and her baby need his protection. Though Slade figures he's too rough a man to settle down, his thrill-seeking ways have already cost him his childhood pal. Looking out for the man's wife and child is the least he can do, especially when headstrong Laney doesn't know the first thing about running the family's ranch. For the sake of baby Beckett, Laney and Slade give friendship a chance…but could they become a true family? 

Cowboy Country: Surprise babies lead to unexpected love in Texas

This book was released in March 2015
This is a book from my personal collection that was reviewed

My Review

“The Cowboy's Forever Family” by Deb Kastner is the second book in her 'Country Cowboy' series and a book that teaches a few lessons not only to the characters but possibly to the reader as well.

There seems to be something that nearly everyone does, though we will try to deny it for it makes a person seem so shallow. Wondering what I might be talking about, it is the fact that we often judge by a book by its cover, never bothering to look beyond the covers of the book to see what the book is involved. Now is anyone wondering what I am talking about, the book or the characters, well if anyone has read the blurb about the book then they will know I am more in likely referring to the characters, Slade and Laney. It was truly amazing to see how these two characters interacted with each other.

Here are two characters who see things in a certain light and not sure they really want see things any differently, as a result things are nearly at a combustible stage from the very beginning, and really doesn't ease up through the story. It really makes it interesting to see how everything plays out.

Laney is a young woman who has a lot on her plate that is for sure but that is not stopping her from moving forward with all that she thinks she needs to do. She is constantly trying to climb the mountains that are placed in front of her and does so with a lot of grit. Though she doesn't want to, she begins to see some of her faults and looks for things to change by working on it.

Slade is a man who is not really at all who he appears at the beginning. I would love to describe him more but really here is a character that really needs to be explored through getting into the story. I do have to say that his faith though is something that I was able to totally relate too. It was this that really made him so relate-able to everyone who have felt this same way.

Truly this story was interesting for it was told in such a way that really touched this readers heart. Grief is such a hard thing to deal with then add to that all the other things that were going on it, made for a compelling story that at least this reader just had to find out how things were going to work out in the end. Along the way one had to wonder if maybe there wasn't something more from the very beginning that no-one wanted to admit to, or was it just as it explained throughout the story.

I truly hope all who read this book enjoys it as much as I have.