Sunday, May 17, 2015

"From Boss to Bridegroom" by Karen Kirst

About the Book 

Being tied up and delivered to the sheriff was not how Nicole O'Malley expected to meet her new boss. Quinn Darling had the audacity to mistake her for a burglar! Now she's counting the days until she can leave small-town life behind to open her own boutique. But as long as she's helping two runaways escape their vindictive stepdad, she can't leave town. 

Quinn's determined to triumph in his first business venture without the support of his wealthy family. He can't succeed without assistant Nicole, a beauty as prickly as she is captivating. As Quinn adjusts to the tight-knit community, he's soon set on another goal: breaking through Nicole's reserve to capture the love hidden in her heart. 

Smoky Mountain Matches: Dreams of home and family come true in the Smoky Mountains

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This book was released in September 2009
This is my own personal kindle book that was reviewed

My Review

“From Boss to Bridegroom” by Karen Kirst is the sixth book in her 'Smokey Mountain Matches' series, but is great as a stand alone book. This is a book about jumping to conclusions about many different aspects such as judging another person and situations that was going on.

Newcomer Quinn is an interesting character that is for sure. Honestly I guess I had some preconceived notions about this character very early on that were shattered as the story unfolded. Quinn is an unusual character with all the usual hero characteristics. I say that he is unusual because of how he is going about with all the usual hero characteristics, for his humor is a weapon that he uses in all situations, yet his protective instincts he will follow regardless of the advice he is given.

Nicole is a woman with her own issues. I can understand the misunderstanding at the beginning of the book and was sorry to see that was never explained in the story, well it was explained to the reader but not to other characters in the story. Nicole is so certain she knows what has been going on and how to handle things on her own. She learns plently of lessons through out of the story.

There was one incident in the story that frankly broke my heart. It wasn't so much what happened, though that was heartbreaking but it was the way others reacted to what happened. To see how people could accept what happened and be upset when someone took a stand was heartbreaking. I understand that times are different but still what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong, and what happened here, I can't imagine ever being right. But then again it was a pretty important turning point in the story.

Over all I have say that this was a very enjoyable story that I just found hard to put down. I hope all who read this book enjoys it as much as I did.