Friday, May 22, 2015

“Her Christmas Wish” by Kathryn Springer

About the Book 

To: Uncle Eli
From: Olivia
Dear Uncle Eli, 
I don't think Daddy is getting me what I really want for Christmas—a mommy. He's been sad since Mommy died, and I want him to be happy again. And ever since Leah, my new nanny, came to stay, he's been smiling more. She's really nice. She makes cookies with me and takes me to church. I think Leah is perfect for us. I told him he should marry her, but he's busy with his carpentering stuff. Maybe he'll listen to you? Tell him my Christmas wish is to have Leah with us, ALWAYS.

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This book was released in June 2005
This is my own personal book that was reviewed

My Review

Her Christmas Wish” by Kathryn Springer is the fifth book of 'Tiny Blessings' series but is the perfect stand alone book. This was a rescued book that apparently had never been read that I picked up at a local yard sale, and the only one in the series that I was able to pick up so the only one I have read.

There is a series story-line that can be seen some in the story but it is not in your face to where I felt like I was missing too much, though there is something going on that I wish I had the answers to. I actually did something that I don't normally do and that is read the reviews for the next book and I think I have the gist of what happens. Even though I was curious enough to go to that length I don't think I would have felt like I would have been deprived of anything if I didn't get the gist of what happens.

Leah is a woman who loves working with children but she is holding something back from everyone around her. When something happens that she never thought possible she decides to take a chance and goes with the flow. Her faith is a shining light that is for sure throughout the whole story, without it actually being preachy but more comforting. Leah is a wonderful example how love is so powerful that love will forget past sins, especially when it is God's love that we seek for we are completely forgiven and our sins are totally forgotten. Leah also is an amazing woman for she turned what could have been a bad situation into something much worse but the choice she made was a loving one that is for sure.

Ben is hurting in a bad way even after all the time to move on, and as a result he has become the person he is in the book. Slowly another side of Ben comes out but the one thing that never changes is the love he has for his daughter. Ben is even willing to get in the way of what he thinks might hurt his precious child even when he isn't certain about how it is going to affect him in the process.

I actually loved the connection that Ben has with his daughter, beyond the father/daughter connection. I also enjoyed how this topic was spoken so freely and some of the complications that could be experienced from older people dealing with this same issue. Hopefully it is not something that is going to be experienced in the future but one never knows completely. It also looks at the preconceptions of the other side of the topic and the hard choices that are made there. I found it really wonderful to see.

I hope that all who has a chance to read this book, enjoys it as much as I did.

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