Tuesday, May 19, 2015

"Noah's Ark" by Debby Mayne

About the Book 

Now that she has a bachelor’s degree in art history, Emily is unable to find work in her field. So she heads to West Virginia, the only place she’s ever felt at home, to see if she can figure out what to do with her life.

Noah  may be in over his head. His veterinary practice is taking off, but he has little help and too many clients in arrears. When Emily comes to work for him part-time, her skills and pleasant nature quickly pull things into order. At least in the office. His heart, however, is another matter!

This book was released in September 2009
This is my own personal kindle book that was reviewed

My Review

“Noah's Ark” by Debby Mayne is a book that I got for my Kindle in order to use up the last of a gift card and it was a perfect book to read on a night when I just wanted something simple, easy and quick to read after a long day of being busy. This is a Heartsong Presents book that is now on Kindle as a Yours Truly Digital Edition. For me this is a pretty typical Heartsong Presents book so I got exactly what I hoped for.

For me Heartsong Presents books are usually (and I have read some that blew my mind and some that bored me to death) fairly simple without a lot of deep issues throughout the story. There is a bit of conflict that is a personal manner that is resolved but I know that things could have been explained a bit better, but frankly it was explained well enough to where I felt the conflict none the less. I couldn't help but feel for the characters Emily and Noah as they worked through everything.

Emily is a woman who is needing to figure things out now. She goes to the one place that she felt the happiest to try and figure out what she wants to do in the future. While there her pure and golden heart was visible to all those who got to know her, and she learns a few things about herself while on her journey to figure out her future.

Noah is a man who cares deeply about what he does. He knows his weaknesses but is not sure how to go about fixing them. His heart along with Emily's is pure and golden and it shows with all that he does. He has been hurt in the past and now he has to figure out what to do for the future now.

Both of these characters are on a journey and discoveries are made without a doubt here.

I hope that all who read this book enjoys the relaxing and easy read that this book is.