Friday, September 11, 2015

Holland Family Series by Susan Page Davis

About the Book
This is a review on a series of books that I read today.
The first book is one I have reviewed already so you will find the link for my review  
A Truly Yours Digital Edition. . .Robyn Holland loves her work raising and training sled dogs for her family’s business, Holland Kennel, in rugged Alaska. But when her grandfather has an accident, will she be forced to follow her mother’s suggestion and sell the business? Robyn turns to Rick Baker, a neighbor and veterinarian, for help as the Fire and Ice dog sled race approaches. Then some of her most valuable dogs are stolen. As they race against time to find the dogs, a spark ignites between them.

This book was released in December 2009
This was a Kindle book in my personal collection

After her husband died tragically, Cheryl Holland accepted she would never love again. She finds contentment in her family and in her new career at a veterinary office. But when she meets Dr. Oz  Thormond, the new vet for her son-in-law’s practice, she can’t deny the sparks—or the reality that they seem to have nothing in common.
Will Cheryl and Oz allow God to reveal His plan for these polar opposites, that theirs is more than just a magnetic attraction?

This book was released in March 2010
This was a Kindle book in my personal collection

My Review for "Fire and Ice"

“Fire and Ice” by Susan Page Davis is a charming 'Heartsong Presents' book that ties in nicely with “Always Ready” for this is the sibling of the hero in that story. If anyone hasn't read “Always Ready” no worries, this is a great and perfect stand alone book.

This book takes place up in Alaska but this time it is on the main land of Alaska. This is a story of determination and how sometimes that determination can be very good. Also there is something about patience and trying to find the right time for things to happen.

Robyn is a young woman who is determined to do what she must for the animals that she loves, but understands that sometimes those animals must come in second. She loves deeply this young lady, and is willing to help out where she can while at the same time wishes she could do more.

Rick is a man with a dream. That dream is something he is trying to make come true while helping out some people he admires. He is also there when he is needed for Robyn and her mother when things seem to take a turn for the worst. He is there to lend a hand whenever he can, in whatever he can do.

Though it seems fairly early on what the conflict is going to be for the story, there is also a pretty clear idea of who is behind it all as well. This conflict is enough to keep the reader interested in the story. Then there is the romance story that is so sweet and tender. The attraction is there all along but it is how they get to know each other that I thought as sweet and tender.

This is a wonder story to read at the beach or by the pool where one might just want to read something light and fluffy that wont take ones complete attention to follow along. Enjoy this book as I did.

My Review for "Polar Opposites"

“Polar Opposites” by Susan Page Davis is a wonderful 'Heartsong Presents' adventure story with some romance in the mix. This is another story that is connected to “Always Ready” and “Fire and Ice” but this time it is not a sibling but the Mom, Cheryl, who is getting her own happy ending. There is no worries if one hasn't read the other two books for this is a stand alone book.

This book has a bit more adventure than the other books and some nail biting moments. It is Cheryl and Oz who has the adventure while hunting polar bears and they come across some interesting situations. I think part of what made it all that more interesting is that these two characters are older than most characters for they are both in their 50's. Yet their age doesn't stop them in the slightest doing what they must do.

Both Cheryl and Oz had loved and lost their loved ones in surprising ways. For those who read “Always Ready” know how Cheryl lost her husband, but it is gone over again here in this book, this time from Cheryl's point of view. Both of them have this love animals and it is this love that helps them grow closer.

We don't see all the little bits of falling in love with each other but we do see the strength that each one of them has, and when together they are able to show their strength's and strengthen their weaknesses. They both are a little worried about what the future holds but not so much that they fight what they feel, but worry enough to hold back until they are certain.

This is a lovely book that is perfect for those times when one wants to read a little adventure while relaxing somewhere warm wishing for some place cooler. I would have to say out of the three books, this is the one that I felt the coldest in (with my imaginations help of course). I hope all who read the book enjoys it like I did.