Saturday, September 12, 2015

“Nursing the Soldier's Heart” by Merrillee Whren

 About the Book
Loving the Soldier 

Nurse Kirsten Bailey places her family above all else. She refuses to give former army medic Brady Hewitt any leeway for being weeks late in visiting his ill grandmother. But Brady has a good excuse, and he's eager to show the pretty nurse that first impressions aren't always right. While working with Brady to care for his grandmother and two orphaned boys, Kirsten realizes that his charm and kindness aren't an act. But Kirsten plans on doing missionary work abroad, and she's determined not to fall for the engaging soldier. Could the man she once dismissed be the one to make her stay forever?

This book was released in July 2015
This is a well loved library book that was used for review

My Review

“Nursing the Soldier's Heart” by Merrillee Whren is the second book in her 'Village of Hope' series but is a stand alone book for these are two new characters and a few characters from the first book in a background kind of way. This is a sweet and tender book that shows second chances are all around us if we are willing to reach out and grab a hold of them, and that second chances are not just with love as in the first book “Second Chance Reunion” but at happiness and life with loved ones.

Lately I have been struggling getting through reading books, for I go in cycles of reading Amish, Historical, and Contemporary, but lately nothing seems all that interesting, but this book was able to keep my interest.

The struggle within the book, was internal without a doubt for one was struggling to move forward when a door closed while the other was struggling with where they belonged period. I guess in a way both of them were trying to figure out where their futures lay after their past didn't work out they way they hoped. One was learning a better way of living and the other was struggling with hopes, plans and dreams not working out the way they wanted them to.

Sadly, I was a bit disappointed for there is one character who frankly seemed a little flatter than the other. I am not sure if that is the best word for it but I couldn't think of anything else for there is something in this character's past that they really avoided talking or even thinking about at all cost, which I think that if at least the readers were able to see this part of the character, it would have explained so much about this character. As it is, I personally didn't understand the motives for holding themselves back part of who they were but yet be so determined to win a challenge. I think if I had more information then things would have been so much sweeter and tender when emotions finally won out.

Kirsten is a woman who is loves her family with all of her heart and it is because of her family that she has made some of the decisions she has made. Her heart is pretty much worn on the sleeve of her shirt but at the same time she is determined to protect her heart as much as she can. She seems to have so much energy for she is doing this or that for other people, but she makes time for those who matter the most to her.

Brady is a man who oozes charm in everything he does, with a bad boy look to him. That is one thing that really disappointed me is the picture of him on the cover for I got the impression that he had quite a few tattoos on his arms yet they are not present on the cover. Even though apparently he has this bad boy look to him, there is a heart purer than gold under it all for he too is willing to do whatever he can in order to help others even when a lot of the helping others had a motive under all that. I got the impression frankly that even without the motive he would have been there helping out so I didn't hold the motives against him.

There are some pretty important secondary characters who had a whole other level to the whole story. Those secondary characters are Cora (we first met her in “Second Chance Reunion”), Tyler and Zach. Each of them play a pretty big part between their dreams and matchmaking and why they are in the story in the first place. I wont give away who does what for they did help with the story.

As I said this book kept my interest though nothing really has had me in such grips that I lost track of all time and only an emergency would have me put the book down for some time. Because it was a new book that kept my interest (lately been rereading books I love since I know they will keep my interest) I am so glad that I picked up this book at the library. It may have come out last month and I have put off reading it a couple of weeks, I am glad that I did. I love the idea of The Village of Hope and wish that there really was a place like that around for oh what it could do for a community. I love all the second chances that seem to be around The Village of Hope, at love, at family, at independence, and so much more.

I would recommend this book to all who are looking for a book on second chances beyond a second chance of a love from the past, for those who are looking for something uplifting and who just want romance that is a bit of struggle to get there. This is a book really worth picking up and look forward to reading more books in the future around The Village of Hope. 

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