Sunday, September 13, 2015

“The Rancher's Second Chance” by Brenda Minton

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Reunited with the Cowboy 

Pregnant and running scared, Grace Thomas turns to the one man she knows she can count on: rancher Brody Martin. The charismatic Texan promises to protect her, but she knows he'll never forgive her for breaking his heart and taking up with his former best friend. Given Brody's own unsettled past, Grace understands that the guarded cowboy needs time to trust her again. Yet as he helps her prepare for the baby's arrival, Grace knows she's found the perfect father for her child. But can she dare to dream of a second chance with the man she's never stopped loving?

This book was released in September 2015
This was a well loved library book that was reviewed

My Review

“The Rancher's Second Chance” by Brenda Minton is the third book in her 'Martin's Crossing' series that grabbed my attention by grabbing my throat from the second page, but if someone hasn't read the other two books no worries for this is a great stand alone book as well.

Within the pages of this book, for those who have read the other 'Martin's Crossing' books, Brody is explained finally. Brody has been a pretty stoic character without a lot of explaining, I always figured it was because his story would be coming out soon enough, but here we learn a lot about this young man who has been carrying around a whole lot more baggage than he wants to admit. There is a lot that this young man has had to deal with over the years, especially the last year or so. He learns to face some of his own demons that he has avoided for too long, and he learns a few things about being alone as well.

There is a subject that is dealt with, within the pages of the book and that is abuse. It is something that is used to help move the story along but in a realistic way. I just wanted to warn everyone about it so that if they have something in their past that is unresolved and this kind of thing bothers them, then they are given the heads up. Personally though there is a one moment in the book that is a bit scary in its realistic way, it is used to help move the story along. I also really enjoyed how during the story the victim has learned that it wasn't their fault that they lost who they were, what they believed in and more, and that in order to move forward they needed to learn who they were and what they believed in once again. This was a story line that showed the character's true inner strength and determination to get back something that they lost.

Grace is a woman who knows who she can turn to, even with all that happened in the past. Grace is someone who has learned a lot about herself lately and realizing a few things were not as seemed in her past. There is something special and tender about Grace who wants to get back into church and a little uncertain about going by herself, but strong enough to know when she wants to be kissed. This a just little things from the story that I don't feel bad about relieving for they are not major scenes in the story over all but they show something about her.

There didn't seem to be much movement in the story line that I thought was there, so maybe I was mistaken on that. The one clear story line that has been through it all really moved forward with a BIG twist that I didn't see coming at all. I really look forward to seeing more about that twist in future books for there is no way possible that is it as for the twist, because if it is I might just have to stop reading Ms. Minton's books for that would be a cruel and horrible thing to do to her readers, and I don't believe for one single second that Ms. Minton is a cruel woman. When the twist was revealed though I was angry for the Martin's sake, for it was heartbreaking and wasn't what I expected at all, and I got the impression it wasn't exactly what was to be expected period, but then again not a total surprise.

This is a story that didn't take place over a short period of time but over several months. Okay well maybe the large portion of the story takes place over a month or so, but the story started long before first page, and then there are periods of time where time is skipped with a quick overview of anything important that happened. This really helped making the story seem realistic for it was not rushed especially with the abuse portion of the story.

I am so glad that I picked up this book for it is the first book in a couple of weeks that grabbed me by the heart and wouldn't let me put the book down. I hope all who read this book will enjoy it as much as I did and I am anxiously waiting for the next book in the 'Martin's Crossing' series that is suppose to be out early next year.

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