Monday, October 13, 2014

"A Rumored Engagement" by Lily George

About the Book

Her Once And Future Fiancé 

It was a bold plan—become engaged to one man to avoid marrying another. Three years ago, Susannah Siddons had little choice. But with no communication since, she considers her alliance with Daniel Hale entirely ended—and her heart well and truly bruised. Until new gossip jeopardizes the Siddons sisters' millinery shop, and Daniel proposes once more.

To court one's own fiancée…how does a man even begin? Daniel owes it to Susannah—and to the shambles he has made of his responsibilities so far—to start again. In truth, marrying Susannah would be far more than just a duty; it's his dearest wish. If he can only persuade her to say "yes" a second time.

This book was released in May 2014
I received this book from Ms. George in exchange for an honest review

*I used the review from my Goodreads account for this blog post
for it was originally posted back in May of 2014*

My Review

“A Rumored Engagement” by Lily George is a regency era book but I would have to say, regardless what era this book would have taken place in, it was the most down to earth book that I have read in a long time. This quite frankly is not like other regency era books that I have read, which always has that fairy tale feel too it which is one of the reason's why I like the regency era, but this book was something so much better with the way it was written, how the story unfolded, and how the characters interacted with each other.

The hero, Daniel Hale, is a man with numerous flaws that at first he got on my nerves for the way he acted and treated others. Slowly though there are changes made within himself, and around him. I found that this is a man who has more strength than many others for his flaws were big ones, ones that were not simple things to fix, but he went about changing those flaws. It took great strength to admit where we was failing as well, and strength to deal with the things he had to deal with because of his changes. I would have to say that regardless how I saw Daniel at the beginning of the story he in fact turned out to be one of the strongest hero's I have read in a long time. I know that Daniel Hale is a fictional character but while reading the book it was hard sometimes to remember that he was, for the way he acted, thought and so on, at times reminded me of one person or another that I know who are not fictional.

Susannah is a heroine who really didn't have the best of life over the last few years as a result she learned some lessons along the way that she is having a hard time giving up. Susannah is so sure of herself, sure that she right, and yet at the same time she doubts herself and what is the right thing to do at times. It is this confidence and self doubt that endeared this character to me. I can understand her hurt and even feel it throughout the story as it unfolded, and felt her struggle as well with everything.

I have to say that often in books there is talk of the comprise that is made when getting married but this book seemed to take that just a little bit further. I found that in itself to be absolutely wonderful for what they had to comprise, or give up was not something that meant only something minor, but the give and take was on some pretty big issues. To me it is because of this give and take, the way it was dealt within the story, and how the characters handled it all, is what really made this book down to earth like it was. I also just loved the way the approach of marriage was taken with the give and take on both sides of the marriage.

I do hope that in the future books we will see Paul again for here is a secondary character that just screams he needs his own happy ever after with the little background that was given about him. Here is another character that has to undergo some changes for the better but I think there is something underneath all of it that really could make a wonderful hero for some lucky heroine, that I wonder if we don't already know who that might be.

I so hope that everyone who reads this book enjoys it as much as I did.

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