Monday, October 13, 2014

"The Nanny Arrangement" by Lily George

About the Book

A family in the making 

Becoming nursemaid to Paul Holmes's orphaned niece seems like the perfect solution to Becky Siddons's problems. After having her romantic hopes dashed, she's determined to focus solely on her charge and not the little girl's handsome uncle. Until Becky realizes she is losing her heart to a man determined to keep his own under lock and key….

Paul had hoped hiring Becky would allow him to keep a distance from his niece, a reminder of his late sister—and his failings in raising her. Yet he soon finds himself enjoying spending time with outspoken, impulsive Becky and the child. Can he take a chance on this unexpected, joyful new family?

This book was released in October 2014
I received this book from Ms. George in exchange for an honest review

My Review

“The Nanny Arrangement” by Lily George is the second book in her "Home to Tansley" series and wow oh wow it was as good as the first. This one did that have that fairy tale feel to it but yet there was something more to it as well. This story is a Regency era book set in England 1811 but at the same time it seems as if it is a timeless love story. Though this book does center around Becky Siddon, the middle sister, it is not important to have read the first book. although it is really truly worth the time to read it. The hero of this book is Paul, who was also seen in the first book and I so wanted to see more of him as well from that first book.

Becky is a young lady who is romantic and artistic not to mention trying to figure out which way works for her the best. When her romantic hopes are dashed, she agrees to help Paul by being the nursemaid to his niece, and while doing so she learns quite about herself. She has certain ideas about how things should be done, but when things don't quite right she is a little uncertain about what to do.  She is set on though making things better for her young charge even if it means going toe to toe with other people like a momma bear protecting her cub.  Becky's faith is strong and a light that shines brightly throughout the story without it being in your face preachy.

Paul is a man who is frankly running from so many things, that it is amazing that he had the priorities that he did have at all. Here is a man who goes through a lot of changes throughout the story and it was so interesting in watching how those changes took place. He was not preached to in order to change things in life, but there was some subtle pressure put on him by an unexpected character that is for sure. I truly loved watching the change in Paul for there is such a difference from the start of the book Paul to the end of the book Paul.

I would have to say that there is not a lot of external conflict, but more of this being the story of Paul and his change. I really wish I could say more to the conflict but if I do then I risk giving something away, and I hate when people give spoilers in their reviews so I try to avoid that as much as possible.

The way this story is told, it is hard not to be drawn in the struggles that both Becky (yes she is struggling as well) and Paul are going through. I really need to remember my limit on times as to when I start reading a book for I didn't finish this book until nearly 2 in the morning for I had to see how everything is resolved. It almost seemed as if one thing resolves then another thing pops up until all those pieces fall into place for the fairy tale ending.

With “A Rumored Engagement” it didn't have that fairy tale feel to it, which really suited Susannah who was a no nonsense kind of character.  Then with “The Nanny Arrangement” the book had that fairy tale feel which really suits Becky. It is going to be interesting to see how Nan's story is going to come out. I think there is something about Nan that we just don't know yet but will explain so much about her.  I think it is so wonderful when a story is told in which it suits one of the characters like these books do.

I really hope all who read this book enjoys it as much as I did.

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