Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"His Most Suitable Bride" by Renee Ryan

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No one in Denver knows how close Callie Mitchell once came to ruin. Dowdy dresses and severe hairstyles hide evidence of the pretty, trusting girl she used to be. Now her matchmaking employer wants Callie to help find a wife for the one man who sees through her careful facade.

For his business's sake, Reese Bennett Jr. plans on making a sensible marriage. Preferably one without the unpredictable emotions that spring to life around Callie. Yet no matter how many candidates she presents to Reese, none compare with the vibrant, intelligent woman who is right under his nose—and quickly invading his heart.

Charity House: Offering an oasis of hope, faith and love on the rugged Colorado frontier

My Review

“His Most Suitable Bride” by Renee Ryan is another wonderful story in her 'Charity House' series, but it is the perfect stand alone book too. Though this does kind of pick up on some of the little subtle feelings from “Finally a Bride”, everything that is important to know for this story to make sense is there without feeling like it is retelling the whole story. Also I wonder if with this book we are not given a hint as to who the next story might be about and if it is who I hope it is, I can just imagine that story.

Here is a story of two hurting souls who are hurting from something in their past, so much so that they have kept their secrets from everyone around them, and as a result those secrets helped create the people they are now. The story of how these two wounded souls, who are so certain they are right in what they believe that their future holds for them, is a beautiful story. There is one familiar (if one has read prior 'Charity House' books anyway) person who seems to see beyond self built walls, and helps with a nudge to show these two hurting souls there is something beyond what they believe. It is interesting to see how these two hurting souls learn to re-look at themselves and rethink what they thought to be for the best for themselves.

Normally I explain my impressions of both the hero and heroine but to do that this time there might be some spoilers in that, so I am going to refrain this time around. Both of them go through quite a few changes, one is equal external and internal while the other is mostly internal. It is so interesting to watch the changes that both of them make throughout the story. One of the secrets is hinted at throughout the story until it is finally revealed. This secret held the secret-keeper in a tight grip of guilt and shame for sometime until it came out in the open and the secret-keeper was told that it wasn't their fault. The other secret is a personal secret to the secret-keeper, that trapped the secret-keeper in unforgiveness and guilt.

The conflict within the story is all internal between both Callie and Reese individually, and one meddlesome character who is well meaning. I couldn't help but feel for both Callie and Reese with what they each went through and rejoiced when things started to turn around. I sort of suspected there was more to Callie in her upset in “Finally a Bride” when her sister ended her engagement to Reese in that book, and I did wonder if Callie and Reese wouldn't make a fine couple together, I just didn't realize the depth of feelings until this book. I am not necessarily talking about romantic feelings for each other, but just the depth of feelings of uncertainty that each held.

With the end of the book there is a hint to maybe two other romances and I have to wonder if at least one couple doesn't get their own next book. I have been interested in seeing more about Johnny that is for sure, and for some reason would love to see his story come out as well for I have a feeling there is something more that he is trying to prove for some reason. I think I know who would be perfect for him and that would be Fran, but she has something to learn herself as well I think.

I hope that all who read this book, enjoys it as much as I have. I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

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