Thursday, October 16, 2014

"The Gift of a Child" by Laura Abbot

About the Book

A Family All Her Own 

At twenty-seven, Rose Kellogg knows it's unlikely that she'll ever marry. Her dreams of motherhood seem hopeless. Until she rescues Alf, a young boy abandoned in her father's barn in Cottonwood Falls, Kansas. In Alf, Rose finally has hope again, and she's not alone….

Cattle rancher Seth Montgomery always felt awkward around people, but that's not the case with Rose and Alf. Seth instantly bonds with the shy boy and is eager to help Rose make her dream of a family come true. But when their future with Alf is threatened, will Seth and Rose find the courage to embrace the love they've found in each other?

This book was released in September 2014
This was a well loved library book that was reviewed

My Review

“The Gift of a Child” by Laura Abbot is a book that is not your typical romance story. I felt that book moved very slowly, but yet I was very wrapped up in the story-line of what was going on, for it was the romance that moved slowly or so I thought. However, as I got to understand the characters a bit more as the story unfolds, I saw the romance in a totally different way and where the romance had indeed been there all along though it may not be noticeable at the time. Once I understood how the story was unfolding the speed of the story picked up with incredible speed.

Rose is a woman who is so certain of her future, though she is not exactly happy what she foresees to be her future, she is trying to be content. There is something in her past that makes her so certain of her future. She is a woman who easily gives her heart away completely and totally, well for the most part she does. There is a time when she has to make a choice of what to do in the circumstances, and because of the fall out of whatever choice she makes, yet though there is a choice to make it doesn't take her long to think about it. There is a strength about her that she doesn't see in herself but the way she holds herself when facing adversity shows her strength.

Seth is a shy man who is the way he is due to his past. He is not adverse to hard work, but he does have some major things to work out through the story. His heart is pure as gold though for he shows his heart in so many ways. I would have to say that Seth is an unusual hero that is for sure, but what he does though most certainly makes him a hero.

There is something that is holding both Seth and Rose back, which ironically not for the same reason, they fear the same thing. It is interesting to watch how things play out once the truth is discovered for I just wanted to roll my eyes. Once the characters were understood then it was so clear as to how long everyone else could see the truth, yet Seth and Rose were blind to it all.

There was a pretty major story-line that ran through the story, and that is what kept me so into the book, even when I thought that the book was moving so slowly in the romance aspect of the story. I found myself so emotionally invested in the non-romance part of the story that I found myself laughing and crying. Honestly if it hadn't been for that non-romance story-line I might have given up on the book all together and then I would have missed a good book. Maybe it is just me that it took until the last 60 or so pages before everything started to line up in the romance department to make sense, but for me that is how long it took. It was almost as if I had one of those 'duh' moments when everything just clicked and made sense to me.

So if anyone out there is looking at this review wondering if it is worth continuing because of the slow feel to it, keep going for it is worth it in my humble opinion. I really hope all who read this book will enjoy it as much as I did.