Thursday, January 29, 2015

“Rocky Mountain Dreams” by Danica Favorite

About the Book
rocky mountain dreams
The last thing Joseph Stone expects to discover upon arriving in Leadville, Colorado, is a newfound little sister. Hoping to find his late father's silver mine and hopefully keep his siblings back home out of an orphanage, Joseph needs an ally. The preacher's lovely daughter agrees to care for the little girl. She's just not as willing to trust the prospector….  

Annabelle Lassiter has seen what men do in pursuit of riches. Yet for all the hardship he's known, Joseph still shows tenderness and warmth. Annabelle's plan has long been to leave Leadville far behind. But Joseph's quest for silver could cost them a more precious dream—one of family, love and new beginnings…. 

This book was released in November 2014
This is a well loved library book that was used for the review 

My Review

“Rocky Mountain Dreams” by Danica Favorite looks to be her first 'Love Inspired' book and what an interesting book. Most of the time I have been able to tell who is who within a story but not with this book. That I found surprising and I had to laugh for I was so completely off the mark that there was no choice but to laugh as I was wondering what was going to happen next. 

Here is a story of deep and intense grief by one, surprises for another, all leading to something that one might figure will happen but really not knowing how things are going to get from point A to point B. There is a character that I thought I had all figured out, and was hoping that maybe this character would be in her next book paired up with another character for I thought that this one character should have their own happy ending after all they have gone through, only to be completely duped. Oh I hope this make you wonder who is the one who is going to turn on everyone, for I sure didn't expect this person to turn like they did. 

This book is also a good example of how one shouldn't judge another without all the facts, for there was a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings due to judging people based on things such as who their parents are/were, they way they are dressed, or what they were doing for a living. It is interesting to watch those preconceptions fall down for there is something deeper behind why people are they are, and things become a little cloudy for they are no longer a black and white issue. As the preconceived notions begin to fall down things start to change all the way around. 

I hope all who pick up this book enjoys it as much as I did. No I didn't go into my thoughts about the hero and heroine and that is because if I did then I would be giving away so much that I think I would ruin it for everyone. Pick up the book and get lost in a book of love and determination. I am looking forward to future books by Ms. Favorite.