Wednesday, January 28, 2015

"Cowboy Seeks a Bride" by Louise M. Gouge

About the Book 

Courted by a Cowboy 

Marybeth O'Malley is everything rancher Randall Northam seeks in a wife…if she'd only say "I do." Although his family paid for her train ticket West with the understanding the two would marry, Rand won't pressure her to set a date. Especially since he suspects she's learned about his reckless past. Who would want to marry an untamed cowboy like him?

Marybeth won't marry until she locates her long-lost brother. And when Rand agrees to help her with her search, she can't deny her surprisingly warm feelings toward her prospective groom. Could this honorable cowboy show her he's the husband she never knew she wanted?

This book was released in January 2015
This is a well loved library book that was used for the review

My Review

“Cowboy Seeks a Bride” by Louise M. Gouge is the second book in her 'Four Stones Ranch' but can stand alone just fine. This story is about the second oldest Northam children and we learn so much more about him. Sure there is an event from “Cowboy to the Rescue” that plays a large part in this book as well but really we learn everything we need to know we learn in greater detail with this book, so no harm done.

This was an enjoyable story that really had me interested from the get go, but sadly there was a character in the story that I just didn't see the purpose of being there like this character was. I could see how maybe this character was useful but I think only a scene or two would have done just as much if not more for the story but maybe I missed something that Ms. Gouge was trying to show with this character. I am not one above admitting that I missed something important, or who knows maybe there is a message there that is just not meant for me at this time so I couldn't see. Everything else about the story though was enjoyable to where I just had to finish reading the story to find out what happens.

Here is Marybeth, a woman who is on a mission, and mission that frankly seems to be more important that anything else around. Regardless of her flaws, and she has one that really bothers me big time, she has heart that is large for she is willing to unselfishly help those who need it regardless the cost herself. She is determined to be independent though she does have her reasons for that. I suppose there are reasons for all she does but I didn't like how she went about things, yet I did like Marybeth anyhow.

Rand is a man who is dealing with the past, and is dealing with it in a remarkable way. This is not the same man who was in “Cowboy to the Rescue” and I really liked learning this man's story, and had hoped that his story would be the second book. Here is a man who is overcoming his past and proving himself. He is not just using his words to prove himself but his actions are speaking louder than words. His past is haunting him and though it maybe never stop haunting him he has learned over the course of the book how to handle it even better. Rand is an honorable man who sticks to his words and knows when to quit.

As I said above there is a character I didn't understand the purpose of being part of the story as they were but none the less this story was a wonderful story of overcoming the past. Both Marybeth and Rand have things in their past that are upsetting and bothersome but it seems the focus is the overcoming those things. Marybeth and Rand are at different points in that journey and it is interesting to watch how they get from where they are at the beginning of the book to the end of the book. I would have to say that this book is well rounded for there are the funny parts, the annoying parts and everything in between.

I hope all who read this book enjoys it as I did.

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